Sunday, July 25, 2010

Here I was and here I go again!

I'm sorry for these silly quick updates. I have that promised book report in the works, as well as some fun escapades, BUT right now I'm taking advantage of a day off and writing and cleaning and hanging out with the kitteh.

Again with the weird moves
In the past week or so I have:
-Passed the written exam for a learner's permit. (Yayay! Now all I have to do is learn to try and then I can be a real independent-like American.)
-Watched a rather awesome HBO film, that I heartily recommend.
-Finished a rough draft on a script.
-Made stuff (to be presented here soon.)
-Started a business! (to be presented here in the next month or so)
-Had a midnight visit with friends.
-Read three books. These ones here.
-Gone to three birthday parties.
-Canoed with hubby after work.
-Eaten at least 10 pounds of cherries, 10 pounds of nectarines and 10 pounds of blueberries.
-Done three different jobs.
-Enjoyed the sunshine.
-Given up caffeine.
Thumbelina in the garden
So no wonder it's been little quiet here in this corner. Now that I actually look at that list, I feel slightly exhausted. I will however add that I have commemorated summer with these beautiful gifts from darling Heather and Missa and that I am still keeping tabs on what you guys are doing where you're at.
Sew Sew
Plant big me small
Garden Grows
But now I get to go hang out with my furry friends, my loves.
My Furry Friendlings
See you soon, big hugs to all you beauties.


  1. Looking at that list, I'd be tired too! But it all sounds like a lot of fun. :)

  2. Wow, that little sewing machine is a blast from the past. The funny part is that I seem to recall even second guessing whether I should send it because it had that yellow flower on it, haha!

    Seems crazy now to think that I was screening out this color that, as it turns out, suits you so beautifully!

    I LOVE the tapestry skirt. Heather has great taste :D

    p.s. That last shot is awesome, your furry friends make quite the pair.

  3. nice to see you! that sewing machine pin is the cat's meow!!!! And the kitty is precious :) I too have been trying to give up caffeine for a while now... we have and on again off again love affair. Are you just going cold turkey?

  4. kissa is so irresistibly cute! love her sweet little face!

  5. Oh, you look so lovely! I always thoroughly enjoy your layering techniques :))

    Aya of Strawberry Koi

  6. belated congrats on your little tortoise shell sweetie!

    i have a couple of the books of short stories you recommended in your first book report on order from the local library. can't wait to hear about the next set of gems so that i might add to my library hold list :)

    are we still obsessed with norma rae kind of vintage collared tees? hmmm, please let me know...

  7. Dear Norma Rae,
    I've just found a top, and I believe that it may be yours? Please contact me at so that I can share the specifics...
    P.S. go Union!

  8. Can't wait to hear about the business. Hope it might be the etsy shop you were talking about as you have such great taste in thrifted styles :)

  9. I love the sewing machine pin! It's the perfect little detail.
    And your kitten is adorable, her coloring reminds me so much of my cat Tea!

  10. wow! love these pictures! so much! I am following now, do the same for me? :)

    i'd very much love to be friends! :)

    love, the littlest polly ;D

  11. girl, you are beautifully and happily busy!!! good for you! and you totally cracked me up wit the whole now you can be an independent american thing. true true :D
    you have sweet little delights there (that old sewing machine brooch is pretty awesome) and seriously, everytime you post a pretty pic of you in that nook, i just want to be there in that chair with a good book and some jammin' ice tea! (my bad for the run on sentence, but you know!) ;)

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  13. Hi Milla, i love the natural beauty of the island, what island is it? one day i would want to visit there, with my mom and dad, we live in a florida, so we do not get to see those type of trees and beauty.