Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Packages and Books Oh My!

Summer is here! Glorious lazy days in the hammock, seals in the water, everything, including my potatoes, growing like these are the last days of all life, and all life must be squeezed into them.
The sunsets are something else too, in hues that cannot be described, or imagined, or captured into the camera, so that while they're there, you must watch them unblinking, before they disappear into the darkness.

Summer may not be my favorite season (I love all for pretty equally, though fall and spring slightly more), but when she's good, she's really darn good.

My reason for the lack of unabashed summer-lovin' that most people engage in is that a lot of the the things I like to do are actually not as much fun when it's hot. Like walking and biking around, or sitting indoors writing, or better yet, reading. Good thing hubby strung up the hammock on Sunday. Fresh air and book-worminess at the same time! Who woulda thunk it...

Speaking of books, right now I'm particularly obsessed over the latest Native American-related tome I'm reading; Peter Mathiessen's In The Spirit of Crazy Horse. I love Mathiessen, and this book is pure magic, in the heart of my current obsession with the 1970s American Indian Movement. I tend to get hung-up on one, or two things at a time and for the past year and a half it's been logging, but now it's giving away to the Native American narrative. Would anyone be interested in a post about one of those two matters, or maybe just a reading list? I need to spread the madness.

A welcome brake from the 500-something page book was offered when these two lovely packages appeared in my mailbox. Two packages in one day?! This girl is spoiled. The first package is from my friend Sini, who's getting married this summer. Along with the wedding invite (so sad I can't be there, she's getting married on an Island outside of Helsinki!) she gifted me with this beautiful book of patterns for cozy, cute Japanese-style dresses and tunics. Many will be made.
The second package was from the Lovely Sara of Forestlass, and it held two beautiful tops (one pictured above, the other you are sure to see shortly), a copy of Wuthering Heights and so much love from a across the ocean, and being completely unexpected, it just made my day!

To boot it's Sara's birthday today, so let's hear a big huzzah for her! Know that you shall receive a belated birthday package soon, my dear.
Even weeding, or being called to work unexpectedly couldn't dampen my mood on this sunny day. It's still windy enough that long pants or tights are most practical, but one can certainly work up a sweat in the garden.
Other than Native Americans, logging and sewing project, I'm also heavily into clogs right now. I've never been a heels girl, at all, and the current hoove-like ankle boot trend is abhorrent to me, but I wearing these three dollar Swedish beauties kinda makes me get the whole thing. They do miracles and wonders to your stubby legs. Still, safety and comfort first. You will never see me in these. Or these. Or these. Oh my god they're hideous!
Sorry, I got side-tracked there for a moment. But seriously, if anyone can explain the appeal of ankle-platform-booty-shoes to me like I'm a five-year old, or a layman, or in mathematical terms, please do.
I seem to be losing it, so maybe I better get back to my book. Stick to what I know best, books not fashion and I'll see you tomorrow, I hope, in a more collected post, with something real to say, possibly about logging.
Sunshine to your neighborhood. And if possible, seals and sunsets, too. And canoe trips.


  1. Oh goodie gum drops! So glad to see someone else is up this late posting,and of all people one of my fav! About those ankle boots, thank the gods you HATE them as much as I do! They are pretty disgusting, I mean why would anyone find them fascinating or pay such hideous money for them?! We may never know, nor should care...better them than us. I say someone else has the unfortunate task of making us look good, hehe,okay now I'm starting to get a little mean here. Ah yes, do please share your wisdom on the fabulous Native American books you have read! I would love nothng more to start my favorite season, yes-summer, off with. I just recently swiped a book from boyfriend on Native American wisdom.

  2. I've been following your blog for a little bit now, and I thought it was about time to say say hello. Lovely summery photos today... your yard seems like such a gorgeous, magical place. And I can agree with you completely about clogs... they are the very best thing to put on your feet!
    Anyway, I'd love to learn more about AIM, and I wish wish wish I could see things like seals and sunsets where I live, but I live in Paris, and with the buildings and the flatness of most parts of the city, it's harder that you might think to catch a sunset... and of course seals are just a dream.

  3. I'm so glad you enjoyed your surprise mail!! Wear your gifts in good health!
    Thank you for the lovely birthday wishes; you're so sweet! Can't wait for my package to get here. It'll probably turn up at a neighbor's house soon. The mail service here is so screwy :)
    Oh, please do share a reading list and some insight on what you've read. I'd love to try and find dig up some of them in used book stores here.
    Summer is my *least* favorite season. It gets so unbearably hot here sometimes, that all I can do is lay on the cool floor and sleep. And then there are the forest fires... but at least we have the sea!
    All those shoes were UGLY, by the way. Don't know how some ladies can wear them... they look like torture devices, with all those buckles.

  4. I totally agree with you on the ankle-boot thing. They look so silly and awkward. BTW, love the red leggings and that little dress, very adorable. You most certainly know something about fashion because you manage to look so wonderful all the time.

    I'm rather jealous of you and your hammoc. The closest I get to fresh air is opening my entrance and kitchen windows and hoping the wind comes in at the right angle.

  5. I always enjoy your lovely posts with my morning coffee or tea (which i'm drinking now as I got a little screwy yesterday wired on coffee-- and comments got out of control long).

    I have two thoughts 1) high heel shoes. I'm so terribly uncomfortable in them, although I find many of them cute on others. Maybe I'm just jealous? 2)Native American literature... I always enjoy your book recs. I finishd Monsters of Templeton a while ago and have to say (as a historian & academic who dislikes academia) I found it quite enjoyable! I'm terrible at navigating modern fiction, so your recs are pure gold & I know I can trust them. A literature post would rock my world!

  6. I miss having a hammock, I wish we had a good spot to hang one. There's really nothing better when it's hot out than a hammock and a good book in a nice shaded spot :)

    Yes, yes you should post on both topics. I always love reading about your obsessions, they're always so interesting!

    I stiiiiill haven't fixed my clogs, but seeing you looking so cute in yours makes me want to do it right now.

    I smiled when I scrolled down and saw our necklace, I've been wearing mine lots lately :)

  7. Oh you are so adorable in your red tights, clogs and sundress. The high sandal hoof thingys you linked to, i always pass at the shops and think that they must be for "young" people. And I'm not that old. Anyway, lovely to read your posts as usual.

  8. Hi there!
    I'm coming back to your blog every now and then and really like the thoughts and pictures you share with the world. Similarly to you I also get obsessed with an or two things over some weeks or months and then move on to something new, although many themes show up again regularly. I wouldn't mind if Native American issues became one of those obsessions, so please post your reading list!

  9. Native American literature is one of my favorite obsessions, so of course I would LOVE to hear more about what you are reading, since it sounds like we have similar tastes! Keep it coming, and I am absolutely not a heels girl either but I LOVE clogs and that's pretty much all I ever wear, except in the summer, I live in my Chacos (Sandals). Great post!

  10. I'm a lurker and just ran across your post--and subsequently purchased "How to Breathe Underwater." Thank you!!

    For American Indian stories--I really, really love Sherman Alexie. Just finished "10 Little Indians" and its awesome. Louise Erdich is another one of my favorites. Happy reading :)