Saturday, June 19, 2010

It's that 70s girl again!

Some of you may remember my little sister Mali from such posts as the 1st ever Dirt Road Style post, my travels to Vancouver BC, or her general winning smile and amazing style. She was one of my bride's maids and this weekend she's up here for another stint of maid-om for an Island Wedding later on today. Yesterday we met up for a cup of coffee. She is studying art in Vancouver and I was lucky to receive one of her zines. In return I bought her this awesome hat and 70s blouse from out thrift store. Isn't she just a picture on her way to the to the wedding rehearsal?
I'm making a mad dash to get all our stuff together for Summer Solstice on another island, cooking and packing and ironing the apron of my traditional folk costume, which is meant to be worn on important holidays, but I just wanted to drop in and thank all of you for the virtual love, hugs and insights in the wake off my loosing my pet chicks. Thank you. You are the kindest, most amazing readers one could ask for. Nay, strike that, friends.

Happy Solstice one and all!


  1. Happy Solstice! I hope you have a wonderful time! It's such a perfect time to feel connected to everyone and to all the beauty and bounty the earth provides.
    Your sister looks darling holding those wee flowers, what a fantastic smile!

  2. Oh, that kid sister of yours, she is indeed a cutie pie and a half! I love the hat and the blouse and how lovely they look together and nothing says "oh happy day!" like a bunch of fresh daisies :)

    Ooh, the Summer Solstice celebration, I remember you telling me about that and it sounded like it would be an amazing experience. Happy Solstice friend, have a wonderful time!!!

  3. Oh, that blouse and hat are adorable! I was just thinking that here it is Winter Solstice. Enjoy your opposite solstice festivities friend!

  4. I love daisies! What adorable photos. I always love your posts. I seriously want a lovely country house to get away from the city with.......xx

  5. my goodness! what a beautiful sister you have there! i love the goodies you got for her. they're oh so milla...hehehe! hope you had a great night!