Friday, June 11, 2010

I am also you

I guess you guys already know that I'm big reader of books, sometimes even big, important books. The book I'm holding here, may not be one of those, but rather a forgotten gem that C. found for me at the magical Dump, one that I like to pick up and browse sometimes when I feel a little bit blue on the edges.

It's called I am Also You. It was published in 1971 and it contains images and thoughts of the 60s cultural revolution in America, a time, though naive and innocent, was also rather more hopeful and dreamy, than these sometimes gloomy days of ours.

Come to think of it though, the good old days resemble these bad new ones pretty closely: America is embroiled in a seemingly never ending war, the youth are turning away from the materialistic values of their parents, and seeking a new, simpler way of living, and technological advances engulf our lives with information. Go figure.

Anyways reading this book cheers my up (along with listening to Joan Baez and wearing a favorite dress from Heather), so I thought I'd share some of it's cliched wisdom with you.
(This is all there is to it.)
I love this image the best, it is as though they're a part of some alternative history.
Anyway over and out, off to pick more berries and work.


  1. Its great to have treasures like your book to bring a smile to a grey day.

    Love your Blue Dress too...perfect!


  2. Thankyou for sharing this book, i love the photos. I and love YOUR photos! Lovely blog!

    Claire xxx

  3. Love the dress, the Joan vid and the book - thanks for sharing it! and of course, I had been missing your blog as it's one of my favourites - glad you're back.

  4. seems like time just goes around in circles and everything repeats itself... what a beautiful book, thanks for sharing it with us! :)


  5. Lovely book, if you want to look for another one that is incredibly awesome and cheers me up, look for Remember Be Here Now. (

  6. i have a book sort of like this called "I am a Lover." Sometimes i just go through it and gaze lovingly at each photograph. So glad the dress is coming in handy! you look cuter in it than i could have ever imagined. i hope your days are full of peace and whimsy and that your book and cozy mocs and lovey man make you feel crazy belovedly joyfull.

  7. What a treasure that book is! I hope you were cheered up and then some :)

    Perfect choice on the dress Heather!

  8. that book sounds amazing! sometimes i agree that we are currently in a new sort of 60s, then the pessimistic dark part of me mourns the loss of true hippie-dippieness and I can't help but feel as though we've reached a new sort of materialism that feels irreversible. Oh man, sorry I'm bringing this post down :)

  9. All those images are so lovely. The lighting is so refreshing in black and white too!

  10. What an amazing book! Wow wow wow.