Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I'm back! Home and here in my virtual place and all the places in between. Our trip was wonderful, my time with family equally so, though sometimes trying, but more about it all in an upcoming post. This here shall just be a brief one to let you know I'm alive, well and excited to read up on all that I missed while I was gone.
Tomorrow it's supposed to rain, but yesterday and today have been very sunny. We've worked in the garden a lot. Those weeds sure like to grow.
I wanted to introduce you to my new friend Raleigh. Hubby found her from the Magical Mystery Dump and she just needed some love and new tires.
Isn't she beautiful, with her Dump-ling sisters the grey skinnies and blue sandals?
Now I'm off to pick these guys and mail some long over-due packages (Andrea, Heather, you know what I be talking about...), and I'm sure there are many a wonderful blog posts to catch up on.

Love and salmon berries,


  1. Hooray!!! You are back! I definitely needed a Milla post ; ) Your bike looks so cute, but as I have had bad experiences as a child riding bikes, I dare not to it as an adult. That, and I am a Klutz. Happy you have returned.

  2. Yay! I'm so glad you're back, I've missed you so! Raleigh is beautiful and so perfect, especially with that adorable yellow dress! Did I mention I've missed you? ;)

    Can't wait to hear about your trip!

  3. yeah!!! you're back and i cannot wait to hear about all the adventures. mmmmmmmmm, those raspberries (?) look divine and so does your pretty lil golden dress and radical badass bicycle! you are all set for one hell of an island summer, huh?

  4. Gorgeous dress, bicycle; and glad you're back.

  5. That Bike Pic is far too cute! Love your Blog! I will surely follow now. Some love to you....xoxox

  6. Welcome Home! I knew you were gone, and was anticipating your comment on The Cuckoo's Nest blog, so glad you liked it!!

  7. You look lovely and so does your bike!