Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Dreamcatcher and the Sickle

This Sunday was the laziest in a long while for me; laying around in bed until ten, eating and reading and catching up on favorite blogs. You guys have written and photographed some wonderful things. What a treat, like 10 of your favorite magical fashion magazines all appeared in the mailbox the same morning.

I was totally smitten by Amber's wondrous post on the a little vintage shop from 70s Portland and Sasha's posts from "Witch Camp" and about a local jewellery designer. I have high hopes for a roadtrip to Northern Cali next year and can't wait to see the Sierra Foothills the magical land from which these lovely ladies hail from.

These images are my favorites from said posts and though you've probably seen them already I have share them here. So much love.
I'm making myself a replica of this bird-dress by Goddess, it's amazing.
How much would I love to be a herbalist witch woman partying with all this female energy?
Or wearing one of these amazing rings, preferably in my birthstone? Or any piece from Gather Jewellery for that matter?

A lot, I think is the answer. What a charmed life you lead Sasha!

I did get some amazing jewellery myself this weekend at the Farmer's Market. Local girl Amelia has cast these beauties in enamel and I just felt like I had to invest into one of her pieces.
Dreamy or what? My only peeve is that I didn't get picture of the stylish jeweller herself. I am however bringing you another long delayed edition of Dirt Road Style from the market. She is a recent summer addition to the Island and something of a jeweller herself.
Or what do you think of the bee&hive brooch Sarah made for herself in jewellery class? Why didn't they have that class at my college!?!?
Cowboy boots, powder blues, pockets and bees, oh my!

Other than my little jaunt to the market Saturday was very much a work day, but Sunday, like I said was gloriously lazy. I did do my own version of mowing and weed whacking which includes an ancient tool that I love wielding.

It's so wonderful to find a rhythm with it, realise that your body has to taut and relaxed at the same time and that the old sickle you got for a dollar at an estate sale still has bite, still does to the job, because things just used to be better made way back when. It does not however make the lawn much shorter. Good thing I don't really have lawn...

I did plant some more squash as well, picked some berries for my ice cream, and went Dump shopping, but mostly I just lazed about in the sun. Glorious, glorious sun.
I'm reading so many interesting books right now, including this one, as well as Lakota woman
recommended by Heather I think, and World Made By Hand. Our reading is often determined by the books we find at the Dump and right now it's a lot of Native American stuff which might be sign of some undercurrents of our lives right now (more about that later). I have however ordered a few books online including the afore mentioned WMBH and a couple of other interesting titles. They're worth a post in and of themselves I think.
I love how all of my "shopping" could easily make one heck of a 70s outfit. Love it!
Happy week everyone, peace love and rainbows to one and all!


  1. YEAH! you're bringing back Dirt Road Style...it's my favorite idea ever. i constantly think of doing a little "fashion" installment based on the crazy beautiful ladies of my community. Sarah looks so cute in her swingy powder blue skirt and boots...and the bees...the bees and honey are following me right now. i think i'm supposed to be a beekeeper.

    also, Black Elk Speaks is one of my favorites ever, and Darin's especially. he picks up extra copies constantly to give out to everyone we know. can't wait to hear more about the native american quest you are on with your literary journeys...this is a topic upon which i can converse for hours, okay maybe days on end. one of my favorite subjects!

    as for your northern california trip, CAN'T WAIT! there is much for you to see and do here lady. i think we are going to have to hold a grand witchy party my friend, somewhere in this haunted old hills, in your honor.

    last but not least. MY PACKAGE CAME!!!! oh my dear goodness, i was home alone and literally shouting out with joy like a six year old. it was full of the most wondrous goodies all coming out in handfulls of bliss like a pirate pouring bits of gold and emeralds out of his treasure chest. i am doing a post on it today. each item so dreamy and perfect. i already showed darin and my sis everything. thank you thank you thank you forever. how i love the post for letting us send each other love this way!

  2. You've got me drooling over those books, you know. Nice dump finds, too! Especially that lovely sweater on the far end.
    Enjoy the lovely weather! We're frying here in this desert heat :/

  3. Thank you Milla! Your post was exactly what I needed at the end of a long and tedious work day of reading in other languages :) you're always just a little breath of sunshine (and rainbows)! yay for crazy berries and big ol' funky rings that I'm going to check out right now....

  4. That Bird dress is just Fantastic! Oooh, I think I might have to just copy you copying her : ) hee-hee.
    So you lazed around on Sunday? Rightly so! I did the same thing and managed to edit my mini experimental vid, which I will post on my blog soon, and watched "The last picture show" .
    Ahhh, and all your books and berry talk are making me want to crawl out of my hole of a bedroom and finally finish reading "Breakfast of Champions" Love me some Kilgor Trout!

  5. What a lovely dreamy life you live. Your photos are always so inspiring. Your so right about good blogs being like free magazines but better.
    Lots of love.............xxx

  6. Thank you for the zesty load of inspiration. I could go for a woman-power frolic about now. :)

  7. Oh man, I’ve gotten behind on Sasha’s posts, I need to head over there STAT! And you should know about charmed lives Miss “Oh you know, I’m just hanging out on my front porch gazing out at THE SEA, hmm, I think I’ll go pick some wild berries for my ice cream and while I’m at it maybe I’ll sickle the tall grasses in my beautiful garden OVERLOOKING THE SEA, and then it’s off to the magical dump where I will undoubtedly find amazing and probably even serendipitous things just waiting for me FOR FREE.” I miss you and your little island, I want to go back NOW! Although you coming here would be just as awesome, I say you trot on down the coast, pick me up, and we head off to the hills together, sound like a plan? :D

    Excited to see a new Dirt Road Style update too, she’s adorable and I LOVE the hive and bees brooch, this post is packed with amazing jewelry as a matter of fact!

    P.S. You should send me that rainbow tote, ‘cause let’s be honest, you already have more cool totes than one person should be allowed to own my friend ;)

  8. Wonderful, wonderful, wunnerful. I feel like I've just been introduced to a whole heap o people.

  9. your whimsical posts are always one of my favorite reads...
    xo s

  10. Thank you Milla! I love your top and I want your berries in MY bowl!