Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Birds of a leather

For the better part of today, I'm sadly staying indoors, in spite the sunshine, tooling away (toiling, really) at these little leather leaves, as well as butterflies, daisies, feathers and ferns. Oh my, what an awesome crop I hope to have soon! I'm also thinking of bees, all things natural, crafted out of leather by, yours truly. I'm learning a lot. Mostly from mistakes.

Later on there is a meeting here at the Park, and I have my milking to do, and costume sawing for the 4th of July Parade, too, perhaps. And here I was thinking people came to the country to relax. What a silly notion. So anyways, no real substance still available here, only clatter of keyboards, and pounding of rawhide mallets, and pictures of things I wear.
Today's selection, by the by, is more raggedy than most, due to the fact that the boots are held together by shoe goo and inertia alone, and the dress is an old ladies nightie, so fragile that it tears every time I wear it. Lucky it came with a matching bed jacket that I used to patch it up with.
Lucky, too that my hair covers up the patch and the accompanying laundry number. I matched the raggedy shoes and dress to this neat patchwork jacket that Heather gifted me with. Love it.

So that this blog doesn't turn into a total "what Milla does all day"-extravaganza, I do have a new brainier feature in mind, so tune in tomorrow for Book Report, a (hopefully) bi-weekly book(s) recommendation of yours truly. What? You guys asked for it.

Oh and in one last piece of (great) news: I just bought tickets to see Bonnie Prince Billy in August! Two years ago I went with my friend (and singer-songwriter) Kanerva, who'd never really heard Will Oldham, and we were both blown away by the amazing live performance. The encore song was a cover of an R. Kelly number for crying out loud! The man is a magician.

Not to mention the young star of one of my all time favorite movies. Ever.

I couldn't find any other clips featuring him, what with the weird subtitles, but seriously, watch this movie and then watch Harlan County USA. They're both damn fine films and relate closely to each other.

That's all folks! I did manage to sneak in some culture after all. Thank goodness.


  1. Will Oldham, oh my! I went to see Old Joy at the cinema when it came out and just loved it. I would love to see him in concert so much! I hope you enjoy it. And your leaves look great!

  2. I've been admiring that cool leaf you wear on your hair for a while, if you put them on etsy I would totally buy one. I LOVE your blog and I just think you wear the cutest outfits :) Every time I read your blog it transports me to my "dream" place to live, it just looks so peaceful.

  3. Isn't that dress just perfect with the quilted jacket? I would never have thought of combining the two; but you have shown be it works! Well!

  4. Such a cute nightie/dress. Shame it rips all the time! One of my tops is like that. Last time I wore it, I ripped the whole side open getting out of the car :/
    Can't wait for the reading list!

  5. oooh, i can't wait to hear how the bonnie prince billy show goes. i have seen him a few times but all the times were a few years ago when you didn't need to get tickets in advance. i'm scared that everything will be different now! so let me know. if the show is still intimate and energetic and endearing and all-consuming, i just might consider trying really hard to get tickets next time he plays somewhere near me! you look so very lovely in the patchwork jacket, i knew it would charmingly fit into your clothing community! and the raggedy slip dress looks like the perfect summer ghostly whisper of a sundress, intended for hammocking and milking and skipping and reading and cozying and all the good stuff in between. your dear news transports me - i almost forgot to say we LOVE the movie matewan. have you ever seen "Slitch"? a short film with mister will oldham as a funny surfer dude, it's set by the atlantic ocean and i love the feeling of it. can't wait to see your book list! love, heather

  6. oooh I'm excited for more book talk!!! i'm in love with your slip/dress and the quilt coat & boots you paired it with :)

  7. I can't wait to see the rest of your leather creations! I'm sure they will be highly sought after ;)

    I've been working on getting your next package together and I'm trying really hard to stick to the theme, which I think is a really fun one this time but it does make things tricky, especially for clothing (you'll see why).

    Anyway, I found this dress last week that is screaming out to meet that quilted jacket from Heather, and I could be wrong but I think they may be a match made in plum hued florally heaven!

    I actually happen to be wearing it as I type this, haha, so there's proof of my full seal of approval, but even though it doesn't necessarily follow my theme, it's gonna be yours ;)

  8. I am really enjoying your blog so far! Will Oldham lives in my town. He's a pretty good ol' boy :]

  9. of course you love will oldham! me too. he played in oakland recently and it was the first time i'd missed him in about 10 yrs. i hope you post a show review.

    i love this live version of "lion's lair" so much! (but the added footage not as much. ah, youtube...what can ya do?)

  10. White dresses=summer. Bed jackets=comfort. Paired together=darling.

    Ooooh Milla, I adore Will Oldham. 10 years ago I worked at Barnes & Noble in San Diego under the management of a 40something year old boss named Kyrk who fashioned his hair into a genuine Flock of Seagulls haircut every day and made himself a mug with "Morrissey" in slip-slidey writing on the side.

    Anyway, he really liked me and when I quit he gave me a cassette tape marked "Palace Brothers". I have loved Will Oldham ever since. Mariee Sioux just cut an album with him and it will be out soon. She was supposed to get me tix to a show they did in Oakland but wasn't able to, and I was "so* disappointed! I still hope that, by riding the coattails of my musically connected folksy Nevada City friends, I will one day meet him. And thank him. (Bed Is For Sleeping is my favorite song).

    I am going to watch these movies you recommended.

  11. Oh and I am super stoked on the little joys you are creating! Will you be selling on Etsy?