Sunday, May 9, 2010

You are my Moonshine, you are my Moonshine... make me happy when skies are sunny...
I wish I had a scanner so that I could post some awesome shots of my mama from way-back-when she was a young agitating hippie chick, a single momma living in a cold water flat, in the basement of an old wooden house on the hill.

Better than pictures though, is that my mom is here with us in our wee house! And so is C.'s mom! It was a very motherful Mother's Day for our family. My mom's gonna stay a whole month to really get a sense of the beautiful Pacific Northwest and this Island that is our home. She has already been introduced to our extended Island family and friends, our local haunts and local delicacies. I think she's having a darn good time.

We took off for the airport and Seattle on Tuesday, and then after we picked her up on rainy Sea-Tac, made our way to Kingston, where my mother-in-law lives. But more about that later.

Because, when I got home, guess what was in the giant mailbox waiting for me? That's right a massively wonderful package from Heather of Moonshine Junkyard, a fellow book and frock lover, and one of my many favorite California girls!

Included were: a book that she offered on her blog (have you ever known this girl not to jump on a free book recommended by an awesome person?), a beautiful corduroy top from the 70s (which solicited a lot of comments from folks at work), a 70s quilted jacket likes of which I've been lusting after, and the most darling little dress, not to mention a wee wonderful letter from Heather, that pretty much made my day.

Look at the gorgeous packaging!
Here I am in my new top and new Minnetonkas, thrifted from VV on the mainland.
Also in the zoo of the new: 70s sunnies from a yard sale for a dollar.
Thank you Heather, you made my already wonderful day even more so. (And got our mamas remembering on 70s maternity wear ;)
More of goodies selected by Heather soon, or you could just check out her vintage shop.


  1. Ooooooh it's a darling top! Wow I stumbled across another blog yesterday that mentioned Heather, and I mentioned both of you in a recent post as well. I hope to see that girl in person on Thursday night when she and her sis (hopefully) make it to my clothes party.

    You should know about adorable packaging Milla, you're an expert yourself!

    So glad you had a nice Mother's Day :-)

  2. The top is super adorable on you... that sunshiney sweetheart Heather sure knows how to pick 'em! That's so cool that your mom came out to visit and for a whole month no less, I can just imagine the amazing mother daughter thrifting adventures that will ensue ;) Yay for motherful Mother's Days!

    p.s. I don't have a scanner either, I've just been using my little camera to take digital pics of my old print photos. The quality is actually surprisingly good. You should give it a shot, I for one would love to see some of your old family photos!

  3. yeah!!! you got it and i'm so glad the mamas got to see your 70s maternity-style blouse (ahhh, my favorite kind for comfort's sake...lazy me) thanks for the sweet words about the package and believe me it delighted me to send it off with love! and those, what a find. they look beautiful. i hope you and your mom have some lovely frolics and i hope you take some photes together because it is so fun to see the mommas of the bloggyworld. by the way, amber, it is weird how that happens huh!? no matter where you go, even online, it is indeed a small world.

  4. I ordered a dress from Heather not too long ago, and she drew little flowers on my package and left a red feather and a cute little note inside with it. It was really great the personal touch she put into things. She seems like a really wonderful person! You look really wonderful in that top, it's so cool. I'm glad you get to be with your mom, she must miss you!

  5. awesome post!! yay for you and heather and the sweetness of mail!

    you look absolutely adorable and i love how you rock the outfit (especially with the braids and sunglasses). definitely my kind of gal ;)

    i can't wait to see the scans of your momma. it's been so neat and meaningful as i have been posting up old photos from my family as well.

  6. Ooooo, I am bookmarking this Kombucha link. I used to have such a knotted up stomach that my acupuncturist could barely get needles to insert into the area of my back over my stomach. Crazy, huh! Anywho, I was turned onto Kombucha due to this and have never had a problem with bloating or acupuncture since!