Friday, May 14, 2010

Odds and beginnings

I was going to write odds and ends, but nothing ever ends, only takes different paths. With my mom here and more projects in full swing I'm finding myself a little short on time, and dare I say it; inspiration. I've been wearing more jeans, reading less, and listening to less music and suffering from a mild case of internet fatigue for a while now, so I feel like I don't have many interesting things to post. However, you have indicated before, that you're not averse to hearing about the mundane particulars of my life so here goes another post of "what I did these days". Bear with me now.

As a mother's day gift C. and I bought ourselves and our mamas a kayaking trip. It was a kind of a revelation, exciting and much fun, though I feel sorry for the dear friend who had to guide us. Certainly I feel more comfortable in our little kayak now, and look forward to combing new shores on these Salish Seas.

My kombucha is done and now I have another mushroom to make more kombucha with. If you're interested in getting started on brewing (which you should be if you drink it at all, it's so expensive) the internets is a brimming with information. All you need is some tea, sugar and a scoby. Does anyone have any recipes/experiences/stories anything buchy-related to share? I personally like this one from the amazing fungiperfecti (hubby is a Stamets fanboy), though it ultimately comes out against a steady habit.
My friend Kristiina told me that I had made it as one of those people illustrations to her friend's thesis on rooftop gardens in Tampere Finland. The friend had sourced all the images from foreign sites, so man was Kristiina surprised to see lil' old me wearing this dress. Probably frolicking in my rooftop garden. I do remember that fame is fickle food on a shifting plate...
It can't be as cool as my own earthen plot though...

We're off to see the Dovekins at our local. Happy Friday all!


  1. i've been wanting to make kombucha for soooo long. i know how to make it, but where do you find the scoby?? it is such a wonder drink!

  2. Ah, what a lovely way to spend mother's day, it looks so peaceful out there and I love all the purpley tones of the water and sky in that photo.

    I love the garden glove gate too! Your earthen plot is amazing, not everyone has a view of the sea from their garden!

    You also look so pretty in your sundress :)

  3. lovely!
    i'm always interested, so don't stop :D

  4. Oh Yum! I adore Kombucha, but I live in Canada most of the time and I haven't yet been able to find one that I like as much as the one I drink when I'm in LA. Maybe I should try making my own! Thanks for this!


  5. Oh how nice, your Momma bear is home!!! I can't blame you for neglecting all your usual daily activities but it's worth it. Enjoy your time with her and don't worry about the other small - blog whenver you can...we love hearing what you are up to!