Wednesday, April 14, 2010

To a tee

A while back C. and I watched seminal 70s movie Norma Rae . (Which hubby sold me on with the following statement: "You'll love it, it's about some crazy chick with clogs who talks union." (Full disclosure: I have a mad soft-spot for union movies).) While the film had not aged very well, it was a very interesting time capsule in terms of attitudes, styles and working class lives.
Okay who am I kidding? It was a pretty bad union-movie, BUT had a fenomenal wardrobe. Especially when it comes to a cute, soft, stripe-y 70s T-shirt, which was pretty much the title character's uniform.
Makes me kick myself for the few 70s T-s I left behind in Finland. Darn. Cotton garments were pretty ubiquitous there back in the day, mostly thanks to Marimekko. Too bad America went ahead and sold all those garment factories and Norma's job to China. We could be rolling in soft cotton, right now, ya'll. (And don't talk to me about American Aberration.)

I shall keep on searching for my dream T-but in the mean time you guys should check out Anne's perfect 70s T-ensamble. Norma would approve.


  1. Go Norma Rae, I used to have a few of those seventies tees...and somewhere in my 20something gypsy travels I left them somewhere.

  2. i have a huge crush on Sally Field. I just love her!

    Soft 70s t's are the best. I love when they are really soft and worn in, almost sheer & tissuey. That's when they have matured to perfection in my book :)

  3. First off, can I just make it known how much I love Charlie's commentary, he cracks me up :D

    Secondly, my goodness, I haven't seen this movie since I was a kid.

    And thirdly, this reminds me, that I haven't seen my soft 70's tee with the sparkly abstract bird decal on it floating around in my closet for quite some time... something to look into.

  4. i use to have several 70s t's back in high school. they're currently residing in the "where are they now?" files :(
    i found my mama's shirt i'm wearing in a box about a year ago. i'm sure you can imagine how excited i was.

    i'm embarrassed to say that i've never seen norma rae! kinda shocking but i do love sally field. she rules in "smokey and the bandit".

  5. i love tee shirts like this so much but i've never seen the movie, weird. i have a little tee that says "swapmeet survivor: bushed, burnt and broke" which is pretty rad and it is super soft and of course made in the USA in 1982. now if i could find one with a unicorn or a whale, i'd be in perfect thrifted heaven.

  6. Wow, yep, I have a total thing for striped 70s tees. Did you ever see the Union Bay ads featuring Amy Smart in teen magazines in the 90s? I adored them!
    Hm, a google search isn't coming up with much but suffice it to say they were very much in that style and my 13 year old self had them all over my walls!

    (Wow how cute was Sally Field?)