Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mythical creatures,

poems, architypes and fairy-tales are what I'm knee deep in currently...but when I return, you will see a picture of me! And many other assorted and interesting things.
My new camera has arrived. Right now tho, I'm reading Russian fairytales,
the Kalevala (Which warrants an entire post of its own.),
and other assorted myths and texts...
How about you?


  1. Oh I love the Kalevala. I wrote a paper comparing the poetics of the songs / spells in it to ones that appear in Old English.

  2. whoa. i don't know what you're working on but it sounds AMAZING. these books are gorgeous treasures. these myths and fairytales are embedded deep in our consciousnesses like shells in the sea and every image stirs some foresty part of me. i am excited to hear more about this project!

  3. I am so curious about what it is you're up to... whatever it is, it appears truly meant for you!

    I'm waiting on my next book club book to arrive. Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout, which I've heard from several people is really good, so I'm looking forward to that.

    Currently though, I am completely enchanted by this book that I started reading just last night. It's a thrifted vintage copy from the 60's of The Gypsies by Jan Yoors who was a Belgian kid who ran off with a tribe of Gypsies at the age of 12 back in the 30's and ended up living among them for years. It's his account of his time with them and his writing is so beautiful.

    Yay, that's awesome that you got your new camera, looking forward to seeing pics of you again!

  4. Yesss. I just read The Sun Also Rises. Love Hemingway. Very inspired.

  5. Wow- all of that sounds positively awesome! I'm totally excited to find out what it is you're doing.

    At the moment I'm reading Grimm's fairy tales. Was lucky enough to find a copy in English. Oh! One of my classes for next semester is a mythology class. The class will focus on mythology and how it relates to every facet of our lives. Going to be cool, methinks.

    Speaking of cool, that Women Who Run With the Wolves seems out of this world. I might have to try to hunt down a copy.

  6. As one of your (few?) readers in Haiti, I was excited to see Maya Deren's book on your list. Avant-garde filmmaker meets Haitian Vodou - how can you resist?

    Also, along the lines of Women Who Run with Wolves, check out Laura Browder's Her Best Shot: Women and Guns in America.

    Your blog is one of my favorites, by the way. I look forward to seeing how your project turns out!

  7. those look quite interesting! i love all the pictures as well. i can't wait to find out what you are working on, i have a feeling it will be well worth the wait :D

    i just started "Seven Storey Mountain" by Thomas Merton last night. So far it is excellent!

  8. Another book you may want to consider is: "Goddesses in Every Woman." It's focus on archtypal energies are fascinating! Thanks for sharing your interests.

  9. definitely need to add these to the reading list. I'm actually currently reading Monsters of Templeton, as per your recommendation. I like to claim her as sort of a local author too :) But, I was excited to find her book for $1 at the library book sale and I remembered all your love for it so I had to pick it up. I'm about 100 pages in and really enjoying it!

  10. Oh! I bought a book last summer on Russian Fairy tales and my absolute fav was baba Yaga of course! I just love the Russian fairy tale illustrations too, I swore I would start making dresses based on these paintings but I have yet to do it, darn it! I'm very excited to check out "Women who run with the wolves" sounds like it's right up my alley.
    Thanks again for sharing your impeccable taste.
    Much Love,

  11. I'm quite fascinated by myths and fairy stories at the moment too. I read a book of Angela Carter's updated fairy stories which were pretty interesting if disturbing as well which these myths and stories are.

    I'm also trying to write something inspired by all this stuff.

  12. i love those first few illustrations. you could easily re-create some in your own backyard perhaps wiht your new camera....? cant wait for some photos!

  13. I want to learn more about the wild women! Also, I am 1/4 Russian which has nothing to do really with Russian fairy tales except that I like to daydream sometimes.

    p.s. My grandmother's uncle used to keep a pet bear, and my mother has a couple old photos of said bear with some of the kids. Your blog header always makes me think of that.

  14. i second "Goddesses in Every Woman" (and every other book by Jean Shinoda Bolen esp. "Crossing to Avalon:
    A Woman's Quest for the Sacred Feminine") and Gift from the sea. I'd suggest The language of the Goddess by Marija Gimbutas (about the times when all myths originated)

  15. Oh honey, we need to have tea for like a week straight. So much to talk about...