Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Go and sing to the mountain!

You know how you sometimes wait for something for ages and then when it comes around you end up being disappointed, because it couldn't have possibly lived up to your expectations?
Well, this was certainly not the case with The Elephant Revival show!

My Saturday was a whirlwind of laundry runs (we don't have a washing machine), Dump shopping, helping Sue set up the venue and reciting the menu from the restaurant I work at from memory (this procedure exposed some gaps to be sure) for everyone to order food from.
I had a really fun time doing all of the above, but sadly didn't get to change into my special Portland dress that I've been saving for the occasion (I'm a nerdlinger, I know...), because of my inability to describe it to my harangued husband accurately on the phone.
Instead I took off the vest and the white top and pulled on some lace-up mocs to festify this little number, also from Portland.
I did get a wonderful compliment from Farhida on it who exclaimed that I looked like a tulip with my coat on. On grey days it's dressing bright makes me feel so much better.
After we cleared the space and hung some lights the band came with their brand new Mt. Shasta Baptist Church bus and started setting up. My camera was having real issues, but at least I managed to snap a pic of the beautiful Bridget hula-hooping. She's obviously a natural born Islander evidenced by her mad hoop-skills. Hula-hooping is a pretty popular pastime around these parts.
The band has a tradition of free stickers, but this time they'd added T-shirts and hand printed 2nd hand women's clothing to their wares. C. got a T-shirt and I scored a multi-colored Elephant mini.
And who are these pretty ladies clutching their veggie soups (from my work), you ask.
Why, it's the lovely and talented Shook Twins , Katelyn and Laurie, formerly of Idaho, but now residing in, the town declared magical by yours truly, of Portland, Oregon. They were sweet enough to give me a ride to town, pose for a pic and even gifted me with their beautiful album "You Can Have the rest". Not to mention getting on the stage to play a few of their own songs, as well as some Elephant ones (they sung on my all time favorite Ring Around The Moon). I'm totally smitten with them, can you tell?

Check out these amazing girls on their travels (in a wicked awesome Shook-mobile that I really wish I'd taken a picture of). I really hope they make it up here to play their own show.

(Missa, Amber, Heather, and anyone else in Northern Cali, they'll be coming to your stomping grounds later this month.)
Around sound-check time my camera decided to finally die, which was really annoying since there were some many wondrous Island folks to photograph and even more so since the same thing happened to Stephanie who's pics I was hoping to pilfer.
I guess it'll have to suffice to say, that there were little girls and big people dancing, beautiful fiddlers, earth-shaking bases, weeping saws and reverberating voices, not to mention heart and magic and harmony and all those things that one loves about living in a place where people mostly still carry good things within them. There was even a Robbie Robertson encore number. (Until I came here I'd never met a single other person who had heard of, let alone loved, him.)

At times like these I feel so blessed to part of this mycelium-like network of American counter-culture; these simple living, wacky idea embracing, honest, well-meaning, fierce and artistic folks.

If you want to feel the same, check out these beautiful bands on their journeys, raise your hands, shake your rump and sing along!


  1. Beautiful post! I'm jealous and happy at the same time. I wish I could just grab onto lovely like-minded people and never let them go! Because when you're without them it's very cold and lonely indeed. P.s. I love Robbie Robertson too - The Last Waltz is one of my all time favourite films

  2. your blog is always a bit of solace in my day :) lovely lovely brights. you are, as always, adorable!

  3. Why, oh why, can I not teleport?!?!

    Sounds like such an amazing time and how lucky you are to be part of such an awesome community! It's a rare thing these days, I think. How cool to have such a great local venue to enjoy good music that is also kid friendly, even rarer! Not that you should be thinking about having kids or anything... of course ;)

  4. I love that blue dress! You're so original; thanks for the inspiration!

  5. this is so insanely fun! the kind of night that makes all my dreams come true. i bet it was so fun helping to organize such an event and i bet it was accompanied by quite a feeling of joy when it all went so swimmingly! i love what you said about not getting to wear the dress you had in mind due to miscommunications in trying to describe it to the hub. i've had the exact same sitch more times than i'd care to admit. what you wore turned out lovely though! by the way, i hope hope hope i can check out the shook twins and they are pretty much the cutest thing i've ever seen.

  6. Oh what a fun and wonderful blog!! Your style is darling..love the combos..will have to say am a granola..ie an older version of hippy dippy LOL! Totally love your blog!! Namaste, Sarah

  7. no way! what robbie robertson song did they play?

    sounds like loads of fun! i, of course, love your outfit as always. i'm gonna go take a listen to the shook twins song :D

  8. I've never been able to hula hoop. I must admit, it's a bit of a sore spot with me. Maybe if I ever get to visit your little island someone will be able to teach me?

  9. Beautiful beautiful! I wish I was there!

    You continue to be my outfit putting together inspiration...