Saturday, April 3, 2010

The ghost of electricity

Yesterday morning we lost power. I was at the coffee shop. Michelle was just about to pull my shot. The upside was I didn't have to go to work. And since there was no internets, and thus I could give myself a partial day off my other work, we got some gardening done, I edited my manuscript, read a book for several hours and even hemmed some beautiful dresses.

I don't know if the power outage was due to fallen trees, but I wouldn't doubt it for a minute. It's been insanely windy, rainy, hale-y and everything in between for the past week. Most people are sick of it, but I love hunkering down.
Tonight however there will be no hunkering, because we're going out to see this awesome-tastic band:

In fact I'm on my way out to help our local folk(music) heroine Sue to set up the hall!
Oh, and in case you're wondering, I'm over my grumpy season, thank you all the mamas and non-mamas for your support. Remember girls, our bodies are our bodies, not anybody else's business.


  1. Glad to hear you finally got to enjoy some chill time today. Sounds like a really fun day. I wish I could teleport myself there and go to the show tonight! Have a great time :D

  2. Sounds like a great time! :)

  3. lucky duck! i'm sure the show will be awesome.
    just read your previous post...instead of people asking me when i'm having a baby, they say, "you're not going to have any more are you?" hahaha this is equally as annoying :D