Sunday, April 25, 2010

Come on home girl, he said with a smile

" don't have to love me but let's get hight awhile." Is how the rest of that lyric goes, by the
wicked 70s Seattle band Heart. The song, of course, is from the soundtrack of the mythical movie Virgin Suicides. It's called 'Magic Man', and if I was ever a stripper, that would be the score to my dance number. Not that I would be. But hypothetically.
These girls had f***ing awesome style by the way.

This is the first 'prairie revival'-dress I ever bought. It was long, and beautiful, and totally not in fashion. Everyone thought I was bonkers. I justified the purchase by telling people that if I ever got married I would get married in the dress. Not that I ever would. But hypothetically. This, by the way, was in 2002.
I used to call it my 'Virgin Suicides Dress', because that was the closest reference point at the time. It's odd how much we forget about the fashions and attitudes of the past. See, back in 2002, not only were pretty floral dresses not run of the mill, no one even wore dresses. It seemed at the time that anything that wasn't boxer boots, jeans, printed Ts and mohawk cuts, had to be justified by Sofia Coppola. How quickly things can change. Prettiness is all the rage now, to the point where it's getting to be a little sickening.

(I might however still be a little bonkers. Obviously no sane person would post a picture of Kirsten Dunst in the same context as herself.)
As a firm believer in synchronicity, just as I was thinking of this seminal movie, and its creator yesterday I thrifted something at the Dump that I was delighted with: A messenger bag! I've looking for one since I went to Portland where they're quite ubiquitous, due to the bike culture.

I haven't had one in years, about since I was a bike messenger, and I think I was ready to embrace one again. Well there, under a stack of ugly faux-leather bags and canvas suitcases it was; a perfect blue bag, reversible with suede on one side, and no discernable flaws, safe for some torn lining and a wee, mendable hole. Sweet, right?
I got that lovely green 70s cardi too, and headed on to a photoshoot (cringe. more about that later.) and some coffees with friends. But what does all this have to do with Sofia Coppola?

Well imagine my surprise when, upon getting home and cleaning it, I discovered it was made by a certain Sofia Inspired mid 2000s-glory designer.

That's pretty good. Doesn't make me love it anymore though, 'cos I already loved it heaps.
I'm off to my little plot of land, in the garden of Eden. Don't forget about my wee giveaway below. See you soon.

PS. Am I the only one who the first riff reminds of Big Mouth Strikes Again?


  1. Ha! I paid homage to Stevie Nicks in my outfit post from yesterday! Could you imagine... Heart and Fleetwood Mac back in the day... what a kickass double bill that would have been, oh time machine *sigh*

    Magic Man is such an awesome song, and I would imagine perfect for pole dancing ;)

  2. You look just as cool as Kirsten! I definitely need to see that film. You have some great reccommendations - I also want to check out Maya Deren's Divine Horsemen after your mention of it in that previous post!

  3. This post makes me love you, all the hypothetical situations. Heart is epic, and that would be a great stripper song. Just like that's a great dress.

  4. oh yeah, my girls and i have been known to belt out many a Heart tune at karaoke. (not a good idea in my case but emily can rock it) anyway it's weird to think of a time when dresses were not cool. ugh! my sister loves to tell a story about us going to santa barbara in like '99 and everyone staring at us cause we were in sundresses and bindis. oh well, oh sigh, there are so many million miles to go in light and airy frocks and with sweaters cozy such as that and with all our books and journals carried lovingly in messenger can go far indeed....

  5. Heart is one of my favorite bands of all time.

    Crystorama lighting

  6. Now I definitely need to hear that song. Sounds awesome.
    Kirsten Dunst ins a sweetheart and one of me&my hubs favorite actresses. I think we have seen everything she was ever in. At least everything she was ever in before Indiana was born.
    And wow, that sure is one great bag, MJ or not!

  7. lovely look and what a score!
    may I ask you how did you clean the bag?
    I'd love to know how to do it properly.

    hugs from Italy

  8. I knew right away from the title what song you were referring to! Heart are so wonderful, I love their music.

    That's a very pretty dress, again, and the sweater looks warm and cozy :) I really need to find myself one kinda like that, because my big bulky hoodies look ridiculously silly when I'm wearing girly dresses haha...

  9. This song by heart is Killer! I cannot lie though, I was really digging it about 8 months ago and was reluctant to mention it to anyone else. I told my beau Scott, sheepishly, and he agreed on how awesome they are! So I felt a trillion times more proud! He has got the best taste and judgement on music and I think you do too Milla! So Yay! I'm glad you posted this.
    : )

  10. Crazy on you is my favourite song, and a great driving song too!

  11. i love that song, heart rules! eventhough i've listened to them since i was a kid, that song always reminds me of "swingers". the scene when they go back to the waitress' trailer...remember?
    they're playing not far from house, soon. i wonder if they'd be any good? i bet they are :D
    the messenger bag is super! nice find :D

  12. Yay synchronicity!

    Oh man I love the Magic Man sequence in The Virgin Suicides. Hot. Stuff. Have you read the book? Even better than the (amazing) movie.

    I also justified my first prairie revival (a long, floral print Gunne) by saying it would be my wedding dress!

    My stripper song would be Honey Bee by Tom Petty :-)

    The bag is awesome, and you are gorgeous as ever!

    It was dirt and dirt is aaaaall the same...

  13. I love that bag. The unexpected geometric inside is just the cherry on top! You, as always, are very pretty (but certainly not sickeningly so).

  14. while driving in my car i can belt the shhhhhit out of "crazy on you", and feel so cool doing it!


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