Monday, March 8, 2010

What's Going On?

Sorry for the lengthy break folks. I've been doing my civic duty defending something I believe that's under siege from unsympathetic number crunchers. More about that later. We're back on the air with some new acquisitions, hair care tips and a genius husband.
It was snowing here this morning, but in spite the cold my garden is sprouting all kinds of good stuff. It ought to. I've been feeding it super-disgusting chicken manure tea.

Last Saturday I went to a beekeeping meeting that was very fun and am now more hell-bent than ever about getting together my own apiary. Wisdom and wit from the seasoned beekeepers was much appreciated. (All beekeepers are huge nerds. I felt very much at home.)
The meeting was on the Big Island, and no trip there would be complete without a little visit to ye olden time-y thrift shoppe. This time I came home with a pair of snow boots and sunglasses. Does this spell a trip to the mountains perhaps?
There was also good Dump luck to be had this weekend, when I scored, in the following order: a 70s patchwork skirt, a giant army backpack, 90s studded clogs, and...drumroll please...a home-made ice cream maker! Pictures forthcoming once it's been cleaned and ice cream has been made.
The rucksack totally rocks, right? It's perfect for lugging all my stuff in on my bike.

Also our family has been engaged, not only in apiaries, fighting the power and dressing warmly, but also the arts. C. entered a poster in the annual farmer's market poster contest and I think it's amazing!
Is there anything this guy can't do? He builds greenhouse boxes, fixes dilapidated boats, writes songs, is a snappy dresser and can draw a poster in the drop of a hat. I'm a lucky ducky. (Sorry I had to deface the poster. Though it wouldn't be hard to figure out, I'm keeping our exact location a secret the best I can.)

Now, remember I promised to post on my hair situation:

Those of you not in the know about my disgusting hair care habits, will need to know that I hate washing, brushing, combing, or generally dealing with my hair at all. For years I sported haircuts from Björk, to Audrey, to Amelie, because of the convenience.
This is approximately how I cut my butt-length hair in high school, after I moved out of home. I sold the braid for like 300 dollars.
When I lived in London I got told a lot that I looked like Audrey Tatou as Amelie.
Sadly I've never been told that I look like the other Audrey. So anyway. After I realized that short hair made my face chubbier, and was impossible to style for a person who didn't have time for hair care, I started growing it out.

The result was a frizzy rat's nest, which got infinitely better after I let Willow cut it and layer it. Did I mention I hadn't been to hair dresser since the big costume dance that we have in 11th grade? Now that I have a good hairdresser a lot of my problems have been solved.

However the one about hating to wash my thick, hard to dry hair still remains.
After confessing that I had a hard time finding a good shampoo in America (In Finland I used Urtekram.), my friend Simone hooked me up with J.R Liggett's olden-time-y hand-made bars.

Having previously often resorted to hand soap in hair washing when necessary, I've been delighted with these little bars. As advertised they don't strip your hair from its own natural oils and so your hair seems to stay clean longer.

With the help from old J.R. I've been able to gradually stop washing my hair once a week, and wash it instead once every two, or three weeks. I still wash my bangs every week, since they get greasy way faster.

Unlike typical shampoos this one leaves your hair (or rather my hair) a little greasy feeling for a few days after the wash, but then it stays nice and clean for about four or five days. (This next part might be gross for some.) After five days to a week, I wash my bangs, but generally my hair remains un-greasy, though it does acquire the slight aroma of unwashed hair. In the next week it gets a little slicker, but still not greasy. My hair is pretty coarse, so this may help with the lack of greasyness.

Though my bangs are a little dirty in this picture, the rest of my hair looks pretty okay. It's been three weeks and two days since the last wash, and eight days since I last washed my bangs. When I finally do wash my hair, I have to confess that the water comes out dark. That's gross, but it does save me days of cold head and frizzy curls. I heartily recommend this product for those who want to get out of the vicious cycle of commercial hair-care. Try it out.

Now what are some of your hair-care tips?
ps. I painted my nails Barbie-pink at a birthday party for the afore mentioned awesome hairdresser. It was dark and I thought I was painting them purple.


  1. How great you should be blogging about hair care! I am in the same boat, thick frizzed dry hair. Just last night I bought a leave in conditioner from Aussie but the smell was intolerable! Sorry, but I do not like smelling like Banana Boat Oil! Then today I went and bought Frizz-Ease Spiral style, I have yet to try it and will let you know. I definitely will check out the shampoo bar you recommended!!!
    : )
    P.s. I too sported the Amelie do for a while

  2. OoOoOooh... how i must get me little hands on a bar of that soap! same crazy sitch with me locks- hehehe! :) thanks for the tip!

  3. Hey! This post really interests me. I wash once a week now and use an organic shampoo/ has no baddies and so far is going well. I will post the name of it on here later. Your hair does look great. Mine is an oil slick and is clipped up most of the time.

  4. Hmm, I used to have hair very similar to yours. For about six weeks I tried baking soda and vinegar as a way to clean and condition it, but my hair still hadn't adjusted and I was getting impatient. I decided to go back to my old pixie cut and now just wash my hair with olive oil soap. In our village, there are tons of olive trees. Every year, from November-December we harvest the olives from our trees and get quite a bit of oil. But one of the most awesome products is the handmade soap. It's organic, good for your hair, and cheap!

  5. I went from dreadlocks to buzz to amelie back to buzz and back to amelie, and now four years later it's just past my shoulders. My hair is thick and curly and it grows slowly! I tried apple cider vinegar and baking soda for a while - I still really love how my hair feels after an apple cider vinegar rinse (especially with rain water), though it started to turn my shower red. Gotta check out that little magic bar of soap, I think :). x

  6. I will definitely try out that bar.

    I wash my hair once or twice a week, depending on how oily it gets. I've been using the same shampoo for probably over 10 years now:

    I tend to find something that works and then stick with it. This stuff left my hair considerably less dried out and frizzy after washing than others that I'd tried before. That said, it's the kind of stuff you pick up at the drugstore or salon and (to borrow Teeny's term) I'm sure it's full of baddies! I'd love a more natural alternative.

    I don't use any other products on my hair and I don't brush or comb it. I do go through it with my fingers to detangle before I wash it though. After washing I scrunch it with a towel to enhance the waves and take up excess water, then always let it airdry, no hairdryers.

    I do own one of those wide-barreled curling irons though, which I use sometimes to tame crazy waves and smooth things out a bit.

    There you have it, the story of my hair, haha :D

    p.s. The rucksack rocks so hard.

  7. The brand of the organic shampoo/cond'tr I have been using is "organic care"

  8. I'm into the baking soda vinegar routine and love it..

    btw the ruccksack is awesome, I totally heart dumps and curbside finds!!

  9. love the outfit! thanks for the shampoo recommendation! i am going on a hunt for some :)

  10. i love that farmer's market poster! u do look like amelie!

  11. ugh, i've been such a bad blogger and reader of late :) Glad to be caught up on island times.

    Love that poster too! All the great colors are so much fun.

    And I too have contemplated chopping my locks for the Amelie inspired bob & pixie bangs because I also do not enjoy dealing with my not so thick, frizzy, cowlicky hair. I keep saying it, one of these days...

  12. Where do you find those shampoo bars? And, how much do they cost?

    I have the same hair hygiene (or lack thereof) as you: long, curly, thick hair and bangs, and I don't wash my hair often, but wash my bangs every few days since they get greasy.

    I'd love to find something new that works.

  13. Just a quick update, I bought this fablous shampoo after reading your post and it is MARVELOUS! Love it so much and now my boyfriend is using it!!! He even made a wooden box and painted it to keep the bar in! So thanks sooo much for the tip! Keep them coming : )
    Much Love,

  14. I want to know more about that shampoo! I recently chopped all my hair off, but just before that I was trying to not wash everyday. My hair is pretty oily regularly so it's really hard not to wash it.