Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Life and death and spinach pancakes

Today has been a chore day. I've been picking nettles and cleaning my wardrobe. This may sound like fun, but I've got lots of work to do and its hard to keep on top of it with all the everyday things going on around me. I wish I was as good as Andrea with separating chores from working at home.

To make the cleaning part a little more pleasant I watched Princess Mononoke while I worked. My cleaning method is to pull everything out of my closet onto the bed, fold it and put it back. I have to do it every week, or so, because it all gets messed up when I get dressed in a hurry, in the morning. It's incredibly annoying. The closet is way too small for my clothes, or rather I have way too many clothes for my closet.
The weather has been topsy-turvy again: rain and shine, and crazy winds, all within the same our.
The stroll I took to harvest nettles though, was nice and peaceful.
We've also gotten some other yummy bounty from the woods:
All the big-spored, grey ones are from right here in the park.
I'm going to head out to a women's sauna to relax, but I'll leave you with a nettle-recipe, though I couldn't get a decent picture of the finished product.
Milla's Finnish Nettle Pancakes:
2-3 cups of milk (depending on how much your flour swells)
2 cups or so of flour (i used a mix of rye and barley)
2 large eggs
1 teaspoon of salt
1-2 cups of finely chopped nettles (use scissors)
butter for frying

Mix ingredients, let settle for about an hour in the fridge, grease a cast iron pan, heat really hot, fry pancakes like crepes. Yummy and nutritious! (As for the life and death, you really should watch Princess Mononoke.)

I don't know wether I'll have time to post again before the Portland-trip, since tomorrow I have to finish a work project, tie-off odds and ends and go milk in the evening. We'll see.

Oh yeah, there were a couple of questions about milking. Since its not my cow, it's obviously someone else's cow (nudge nudge wink wink). I shan't disclose further on that. We pay for the milk in feed, since its not legal to sell unpasteurized milk in this state. Which answers the second question.

The milk going bad is not much of a problem since it's so yummy and creamy that we consume it pretty fast. And I'm definitely more worried about factory farmed milk, where I can't myself inspect the hygiene standard, so it's a good lesson in taking responsibility for what you're eating (or in this case drinking). It is my humble opinion that USDA is a little bit off its proverbial rocker. This is what we here in America call an understatement.

That about caps another exciting day here in Park-land. How's yours?


  1. I love your clothes! Where do you get all your clothes??
    PS - I wish I had a cow too.

  2. Even though I'm no cook, I love making pancakes. I'll have to try this one, but I'm not sure where I'll get nettles in the city!

  3. Ah! Okay, I love that you said you had too many clothes for your closet space. I just half finished organizing my things at my new place, well if you consider 4 months new, and I barely got around to really trying to do anything. Do you have any suggestions how I can keep my wayyy too many clothes somewhat in place? Dresses are all hung in the closet, but it's about 60-70 tops I can't find space for! Just thought you might have a clever idea : )Anything would help! BTW,adore your outfit!

  4. 2, 2 ja 2 :)
    Did you know that herbs (maybe goes for nettles as well) should be picked when the moon is getting bigger (nouseva kuu)? Just read this and noted down for summer :)
    Princess Mononoke is in theaters here now for some strange reason. Should maybe go see it again.

  5. my mother buys her milk directly at a farmer, i think it's still quite nromal to do so if you live in the countryside in germany and austria. however, she always heats the milk once and lets it cool off again just to be sure, especially since she doesn't use all of it once...

  6. My grandparents owned a small dairy farm as I was growing up and we always had raw milk. I grew up on it and I hated the pasteurized homogenized stuff they gave us at school. As long as the cows are kept in a clean healthy environment you have nothing to worry about as far as the safety of your milk. We used to go through a couple of gallons a week but it can keep a week in the fridge with no trouble at all. :) Those mushrooms look delicious and I love your skirt!

  7. Oh I love that skirt! It's so pretty, and it looks really comfortable.

    Your talking of nettles reminds me that it's going to be fiddle-head season here soon. I missed the prime time to pick them last year but maybe now that I have a car and can actually get out to the country, I can pick myself some. They sell them in the local markets but they're so expensive, it's silly!

    My day is going well, even if I'm slightly worried I may be having expensive car issues. I find out tonight whether or not things are okay. Blah.

    I'm planning on baking a Guinness Chocolate Cake in honor of it being St-Patrick's Day and all. In case you're interested, here's the recipe: http://www.nigella.com/recipe/recipe_detail.aspx?rid=20552 :)

  8. Oh, I feel your pain on the closet woes. Ours is bursting at the seams. I've literally got things doubled and even tripled on hangers. It's a bit out of control but I've been putting the cleaning off until it's time to box up the winter stuff, yay, almost time!

    Speaking of which, we've got ourselves a super lovely day goin' on down here... sun shining, birds chirping, flowers blooming... the whole bit!

    Dropped off Clover at the farm and went to pick up supplies for tonights St. Patty's Day dinner I'm cookin' up. I picked up some Guinness which I thought we'd just drink but this cake is definitely something to look into, hmm.

    Well my dear, i hope you have a super fun Portland trip, take lots of pics!

  9. I have never before seen nettles! Those are very neat looking. I like you blog!

  10. yaya for nettle recipes!
    I don't know why but the idea makes me smile.
    in a couple weeks I'm visiting my parents in the country and hope to find some to try this recipe

    thanks a lot

  11. the recipe sounds delish! can you buy nettles in the store? i don't believe i've ever seen any.
    i love you skirt, it's perfect :D
    i totally agree with you about pasteurized milk...and how ridculous that it's illegal! here in california i can buy it at the grocery store, but it's quite pricey.
    hope you have fun in portland :D

  12. what amazing morels you found!!!

  13. Yay for Princess Mononoke! It should be compulsory watching for every child entering his/her teens, just before the consumerist-disease really hits. Hope you are having a great time in Portland!