Monday, March 1, 2010

Circle of life and women...

Just a quick update to let you guys know, I'm alive, well and pondering deep meaning-full things...
But seriously. I've had quite the weekend. As is customary here on the Island, all things gravitated toward one, singular day, meaning that after a few weeks of uneventfulness, there were two things happening the very same night.

There was a dance at our local, a band from Portland worth dancing to, and the annual Women's (I'm compelled to wrote Womyn's) Coffee House. WCH takes place every February, the slowest month of the year, and is an open, totally non-judgemental and sisterly forum for us Island womyn to share whatever we feel like, from poetry, to songs, to handicrafts. It's awesome and empowering.

This year I read a piece and helped a little with the decorating. Our plum tree is blooming, so I volunteered on the greenery detail.

We snuck out at "intermission", which was kind of a bummer and headed out to get dancing. And dance we did. At one point we were commenting with friends how our husbands were the first to head for the dance floor, well before us. Lucky. It's rare to find a man who's not afraid to get down.
I wore this to both events, though I opted for cowboy boots instead, for maximum s***-kicking capacity. Seemed to work.

In other news: our camera is dying a slow, painful death, and I'm contemplating selling some of the stuff I never wear on etsy to buy a new one. Whaddya etsy sellers think? Share your experiences in shop keeping please.


  1. Sounds like a great idea! I wish there was something like that around here.

    You should definitely start an Etsy shop! I did a month or so ago and it has been fun, though time consuming with all the taking and uploading of photos and such - you have some good pictures here so I'm sure that's not a problem :)

    I've only sold two items so far, though - I wonder if buyers are put off by the fact that I live in New Zealand. I try to make things reasonable, but it's a fact of life that International shipping is expensive. Living in NZ, I'm used to it; but in the US people may not be. People obviously like buying local, which I guess is a good thing.

    I'd be interested in hearing what other sellers have to say too.

  2. Well now that I know the occasions for your outfit, I love it even more. both sound like so much fun! I wanna see you in yer s***-kickers though ;)

  3. I've had great fun with my etsy shop. It's my rational for the compulsive thrifting ;) And I do make a bit of a profit. You'd probably do better off the bat than most new shops do because of built in traffic from your lovely blog! :)

  4. Running a shop is super fun! Etsy as a concept kind of sucks (I could go on and on with complaints about how they run their site, sigh). But, why not give it a try? Definitely take good pictures - it will make all the difference in the world.

  5. your lovely island never ceases to amaze me :) and here I thought our wild plum trees were pretty darn snazzy, that tree lined and lovely plum peeking through has to be one of the most gorgeous happenings of Spring, isn't it?

    i know the feeling of a dying camera. it's painful. I did buy one last year re-furbished, so that is one recycled option you might like. It's still kicking. AND, i think that treasures from the Milla closet would be so much fun to have on etsy! You should definitely do that! Have you started thinking of spiffy etsy store names yet? I know you have....

  6. oh, and my thoughts on etsy. I actually really like the set up, I think its a bazillion million times better than ebay. It's also more fun than work for me :) If you think of questions feel free to ask away/email.

  7. sounds like such a great time!

    having an etsy shop is fun. i think since you have a lot of blog readers, you'd probably do well. i know i'm interested in what you'd have to sell :D

  8. such fun all rolled into one! (night that is) and i agree that husbands who dance are the best. as for an etsy shop, you should do it! you already take great outfit photos, just style them with the stuff you don't want and throw em online! etsy is easy and fun and i bet you'd make a pretty good profit. so worth it. can't wait to see what you come up with.