Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Be warned...

...what follows is going to be pure visceral grumpytude. NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED, THE SENSITIVE, OR THOSE ADVERSE TO WHINING.

For the past 11 days (though it feels considerably longer) I have not:
1. Done any laundry.
2. Cooked a meal in my house that wasn't for some sort of social event (not that I don't love social events, I'm just saying, no leisurely nights at home).
3. Spent more than 30 minutes in my garden.
4. ...or by my sewing machine.
5. ...or reading a book.
6. ...or working on my manuscript.
7. Slept more than six hours a night.

I have however:
1. Worked and then worked some more.
2. Worked on this super awesome super secret project.
3. Gone to bed late and gotten up early to work on the afore-mentioned project.
4. Listened to an otter rip apart my house.
5. Worn a lot tattered jeans.
6. Decided that the next person who asks me if we're going to have a baby gets it.
7. Formulated in my mind what I'm going to say to that person.
8. Come to the conclusion that no matter how annoyed I am due to the circumstances of my life it would be really mean and unfair to tell a some well-meaning, caring person that:

"No, not just right now, due to the fact that I actually think that a person can have quite a full-filling meaningful life without continually plotting to create small, genetically slightly differentiated copies of oneself, and even if I did have a spare moment to engage in baby-making activity I would probably at this juncture take that opportunity to either a) put my feet up and eat ice-cream, or b) work on my novel, but I would love the see the time machine that brought you here from the 1950s and please do check back next month when I might have less extra curricular activities in mind and I can fully devote myself to the extremely complex and intricate process of baby-making, which always achieves the best results when one plans it meticulously. I mean who leaves this stuff up to Mother Nature?"

9. Realized that I'm way too grumpy to write blog posts and that I should just put my feet up, watch September issue, fall asleep while eating left-overs and wake up in a couple of hours to work some more before going to work.

I ♡ you guys though and will be returning shortly in a better mood, better dressed and more interesting,


  1. I adore you... even when you're grumpy!

    Hang in there. I'm dying to know what this super secret project is.

    I watched Semptember Issue the other day and was simultaneously disgusted and fascinated, what a weird world.

  2. Totally agree with those sentiments :) I wish there were such a thing as creative leave from work.

  3. Milla, I'm reading your post while I procrastinate some finishing touches to my own writing. The promise land is insight, I just have to get off my butt and do it.

    As for baby-making, I share both your anxiety and disdain at times for those that ask us about it. It's supposedly the logical next step, didn't you know that? Maybe we should just eat a whole heck of a lot of icecream so people will just assume we're already pregnant?

    Good luck on work & super secret assignments :) Which I'm also dying to find out about.

  4. week has been pretty grumpy-making as well, but yours sounds particularly stressful! It sometimes shocks me that people still insist we all must breed immediately after settling down with a partner. I have tried to make it quite clear that I am averse to children, so everyone pretty much leaves me alone at this point.

  5. ha! yeah for grumpy honesty! it's even more annoying when people ask when you are going to have a baby and you've already been trying for years...ugh! okay, now i am so curious to see the secret project unveiled.

  6. Just saw 'The September Issue' yesterday! Strange but watchable. On babies: I don't think people mean to be rude, I think it's more of a "how's the weather" type of remark, and people who ask are unaware of how deeply personal and rude a question it can be. It feels like your supposed to offer up a quick explanation of your life in a neat little package for someone to easily understand. Well life doesn't work that way. I used to answer that question with "when the timing feels right" and that kept them at bay.
    Good luck.

  7. I can't understand why people keep asking when you're going to have a baby? Surely that is personal? Anyway, grump away, I'm hungover and feel like slapping everyone in my path today.

  8. I am currently living in south dakota, I'm from Seattle and DEAR GOD I have been asked so many questions like that-
    "so how many children to you have?"
    "Oh and is this your child" (I work in child care)
    "when are you having children?"
    "so thought about marriage?"

    Screw off you crazy uber religious, conservative stay at home moms!!!!
    Yeah when I'm pmsing it's no good.

    Good luck feeling better!

  9. Can I quote you if I'm every been told I look pregnant? That was amazing. I was once asked white wearing a bikini top and a cover-up skirt. TRAUMATIC!

    Best venting blog I've read in a while.

    You're beautiful. You don't look preggers. And you should do whatever makes you happy -- laundry or not. Complaining or not!

  10. So, are you going to have a baby?

  11. I think the baby interrogation is just one in a series of intrusive questions people feel entitled to ask. "When are getting married?", "When will you have a baby?" and once you do they seem to only get worse. "Are you going to circumcise, breastfeed... etc.(My baby is a week old and I read your posts late at night when he feeds.)Arghh to all of those people. Babies are incredible but so is an artist's creative life. I used to answer the question with something absurd like, "We're waiting for the Year of the Rat."

  12. I've been reading our blog for awhile now, and thoroughly enjoying it. I haven't really commented until now, but this entry hit rather close to home, and I felt compelled to at last. ;-)

    Don't worry, once you get to a certain age people will stop asking you if you are pregnant, and just look at you with pity assuming that you have desperately tried, and can't. This is about the place I find myself at now, as I am pushing age 36.

    I still haven't figured out why people assume that a woman is some sort of genetic aberration if she is not rushing out to make babies. It's like the thought that having a child is actually a life choice, and that there are plenty of women out there who choose not to, just doesn't occur to them.

    Oh well, keep your chin up. Work can't last forever, I suppose. Here's hoping that things calm down for you in the near future, and you get some time to yourself again.

  13. Great to find some fellow females who are also not rushing out to have some babies!! No disrespect to those who are wanting babies of course. Just comforting to find some other ppl like me who are taking a step outside of the social norm. Seems like theres not many ppl who can understand such a choice.
    Hope you are all having a fantastic weekend! Momma's and non momma's alike, and what the hey, all you guys too :)

  14. I totally feel you re: baby questions, especially if they come from total strangers. Ugh.

  15. I promise to never ask you when you plan to have a baby. Deal?

  16. yup. I wish there was such a thing as a creative leave also. i answer that line of questioning a lot also--and it gets me down for the same reasons. Thank you for venting, Milla! And good luck on your secret project!

  17. Ha! I was just wondering today if you have plans to procreate. Now I know...

    Okay I have read every post from this one to the latest- did I miss the secret project?

    And did I miss Elephant Revival? I will go google them...