Saturday, March 13, 2010

All strung up and ready to go!

This is going to be the shortest post ever. I'm literally blogging while I wait for my chariot to arrive and take me to a bonfire party for a couple of nice chaps who happened to be born today. (Happy Happy Happy Birthday to Blake and Ben!)

Generally I have about five different jobs at any given time, but for the past couple of weekends I've been subbing as a barista at the lovely Isabel's Espresso. This is hands down the sweetest coffee shop there is. Not only do we serve great coffee, have awesome decor, and cool baristas with great tastes in tunes (hhrmmh...) but there's also superfast wireless internets that I'm utilizing right now.

This is a pic some really nice tourist lady took last summer and emailed me. Man I look tan...
Isabel has an awesome sense of decorating. There's lizards, flying goddesses, cat altars, and witty slogan galore.
The winter staff leaves something to be desired though. Very pale. But with new, awesome mocs, just like Amber's and Kristiina's. Moccasin-club meeting at Isabel's this coming Saturaday? I'll buy the coffees.


  1. i just gave you an award on my blog. come accept it! and i loooove the boots!

  2. i could definitely enjoy a cup of coffee in the sweet shop! i love ramshackle decor, it just adds to the coziness.

    much love for your mocs too! I think you had a beaded pair that I've been wanting to thrift for ions... no such luck, but soon I'm sure!

  3. if i walked up and saw you at that coffee shop, i'd take a picture too. PERFECT pretty little set up! i'd be like, we're moving here. reminds me a little bit of cafe eklectica in moab, utah. i have always thought it would be fun to have a cafe or coffee shop for the decorating alone...but cat altars take the cake. should i make one in my room? something about that tickles my fancy, bigtime. and as for the bonfire party, well..i hope it burns brightly and that in those new boots you'll be leaping and frolicking till dawn.

  4. what a fun place to work!
    love the mocs :D

  5. I'm really curious, you've talked about mountain ranges and things I'm familiar with, but where are you? And where is this bitching coffee shop?

  6. haha! the same exact pair :) meeting is on!

  7. Although I am no longer a coffee drinker, I fully appreciate the decor of any mom n pop shop. It's always so nice to discover these places when traveling around in new parts. I love your Mocs, I have a pair just like them too
    : )

  8. The moccs rock!

    Hey, this is the place where we hung out and had coffee on the porch, right? Such a great hangout spot and yes, the coffee was goooood.

    I just picked up a bar of that shampoo, can't wait to try it!

  9. i bought myself my first pair of mockies about 2 years ago and thats pretty much all i wear to work now, v comfy and cozies. :)

  10. Oh gosh, I just found your blog through a flickr search for xtratuf boots. Yay! You are adorable as is your blog.

  11. I was in Montreal over the weekend and as my friends and I were wandering around, we actually stumbled upon a really awesome little coffee shop with a feel much like this one! I've always loved places like that, they feel so cosy and welcoming and "real", you know?

    I was at a rave over Saturday night and one of the ladies had a pair of knee high mocossins on while dancing... it made me really wish I had a pair too because they looked so comfy! Yours definitely do! I will have to keep an eye out for something like that...

    I have a pair at home but they get all hot and gross in the summer and they were made cheaply and sand gets in them... bleh!

  12. I have always dreamed of working in a place like this- what dream!

    I have those very same boots-I picked them up at an antique shop and they make me ever so happy.