Monday, February 22, 2010

Our place

The spring weather, which I've been rejoicing ad nauseam and ad infinitum, continues. I swear I'm getting an ever-so-slight tan. On saturday C. and I climbed our local "mountain". It is not that tall, but two of the three ways to the top are steep enough in incline that it merits to be called a mountain indeed.
Once you get to the top the view is spectacular; to the West the beloved Olympic Peninsula and all its mountains, to the East the North Cascades, of the Zen-beat fire watchers.
There is a seemingly endless number of gorgeous, scenic spots here on the Island, places each with its unique set of memories, but each time I make it to the top of this cliff, I am in awe of its beauty and magic.
I have loved this hill wildly since I first came here, and it also holds memories of C. and my first adventure together.

A few years back, when we had just met, we decided to watch the full moon rise on the mountain. Hiked up at dusk, set up our sleeping bags, our snacks and a camera to film the moon moving across the landscape. It was a clear, gorgeous August night. Untill, at around 1 AM, a drizzle began falling. Within minutes it had turned into a Northwest downpour and the trail that we were hiking down, was not only steep, virtually invisible in the dark, but also a creek. By the time we made it to the car (with at least one close call on the cliffside) we were soaked.

The memory makes this hill even more dear and magical to me.
On the top of the bight, in a little dip, there's an old rope swing that's strung on a branch of pine tree. It makes for a terrifying delight to swing towards the rocky cliff-edge on it. The first time I ever hiked this hill was with some friends who were bringing the swing up. I guess that makes it about 10-years-old.
I have a picture of myself swinging on it at age 21; smoking a cigarette on my last night on the Island. Little did I know that I would call it home a mere 9 years later. I hoped and dreamed and schemed and willed and here I am, with the most wonderful partner in crime I could ask for.
Before our expedition I hung out with a friend's old dog on her deck, eating berries, drinking nettle tea, and working on my ideas and journal entries.
We also fortified ourselves with a quesadilla and some carrot-beet-ginger-lemon-juice at the restaurant where I work.
The weather is definitely effecting my dress-sensibilities (or lack thereof), it's all yellow and flowers and leggins.
I got this little ceramic heart from my then-best-friend Jonna some 25-years ago. That makes me feel old. And young at the same time.
I'm sending sunny days where ever you are. Nothing but good vibes and sunny days, man.


  1. Anyone ever remark on how sweet you are?(of course they have). Wonderful post, your memories are beautifully recalled here.

  2. I love your style
    it makes me smile
    All the while;
    I could walk a mile
    in those sweet,
    Sweet boots. :)

  3. Thanks guys, you're the ones who are sweet, obviously ;)

  4. I want to go to there...

    Looking down, is that the cove we hung out at? What a beautiful trip down memory lane or up memory trail I should say ;)

    p.s. best hiking outfit ever!

  5. One of my favorite posts ever maybe...

  6. your little island is probably one of the most majestically beautiful places on earth, made that much brighter of course because YOU are on it! how amazing to have a little mountain like that to climb anytime you wish. i miss our sunny days but the good vibes continue.

    that juice looks dang good. wish i worked in a restaurant with healthy stuff, rather than cheese fries and diet coke which i consume copiously.

    lastly, this post makes me want to sit in the sun and take down ideas in my journal and post random things on its pages, which is one of my most beloved activities.

  7. Hi! I love your style, so fresh and free! Your island and mountain sound like a wonderful place. Thx for the sunshine, I could use some, -36 with windchill here today... Can't wait till those sunbeams are for real!

  8. ahh you're just a little bit of sunshine & flowers yourself Ms. Milla! Reading & looking made me happy and warm inside on a day when the north wind creeps its cold ever so much more into our little part of the country :) such a sweet story about your meetings with her man, I love those kinds of stories!

  9. That story about your hiking in the rain with C is so sweet!

  10. wow, dress and leggings and cardi my fav combo
    and you look adorable in them

    btw what exactly i snettle tea? how is it made?