Thursday, February 11, 2010

In the mean time...

...we've been sailing on the boat C. recently restored. I think he's kind of a genius, personally, having never worked on a boat, but being able to turn a cheap little vessel into a beauty. Of which I, of course, forgot to take a picture.
I might be biased, but he's definitely got me convinced. Sailing is fun. Sailing is exciting. Sailing is going to be yet another Moomin-thing in our lives...
It was our second wedding anniversary on Tuesday, so we took the boat out for a spin, although the weather was so nice we could only sail a quarter of the way.
Mt. Baker was out among her cohorts. C. tried his best to teach me sailing skills. I think I did pretty good in circumnavigating logs and bringing a wonderful picnic lunch. That, in my opinion, is the captain's wife's duty, but he seems to think I should be first mate too.
We saw many seals, bobbing out of the water and then, just as fast, disappearing in great, glittery arcs. They seem curious of you when you're sailing, but vanish fast when the engine is on. On the way home a vertical rainbow pointed at our cove, and four seals trailed us home.
A beautiful day.
When not sailing, we've been mushrooming, having dinner with friends and working in the garden.
The other night we had this yummy yellow coral mushroom.
As per usual I've been dressing like a dirty hobo on acid. The last night we were about ready to dash off to dinner, when C. pointed out that the dirt on my shirt was making a cat-shape. Or rather the clean-area, surrounded by the dirt. You can't tell though, can you? I also haven't washed my hair (other than bangs) for three weeks now. I have post coming up about that. No. I'm not kidding.
In other news, I've been gazing at my feet a lot. A heavy-duty puddle seems to be forming in my photo spot.
I made a new style of leaf and am experimenting with mass-production, i.e making in enough to sell at friend's hair salon, or the Farmer's market, or etsy, or something...
Purple Time!
Here's ye olden mariner orphan again.
Exciting and unexpected outfit coming up this weekend...


  1. Happy Anniversary!

    That's so great that you guys are getting the boat out and about, how fun, and now I have Sailing by Christopher Cross stuck in my head... how random is that?...and I guess there's really no denying it now, I'm old, it's official.

    Looking forward to the no hair washing post and am so on the edge of my seat over this exciting and unexpected outfit!

  2. love the purple :) happy anniversary and your hair looks beautiful :)

  3. dream life! :] sounds like the perfect way to celebrate a day.

  4. um, a sweet little rainbow pointed you home? could it get any more romantic? i have always been fascinated with sailing; and alas it is still something i've never tried but your posts make me ache for ocean water all the more strongly. also, i love the little lilac outfit with vest, and can't wait to hear about the hair sitch. i have noticed now that i have bangs it looks greasy faster so i wash more which i am disinclined to do...interested in this washing only the bangs idea!

    happy anniversary!

  5. This post certainly made me miss the sea. Not that I could sail to save my life (might have something to do with a horrid experience with my dad forcing me to take a "jollakurssi", whatever you call that in English, when I was 10), but living close to the sea is something I always took for granted in Helsinki. Being landlocked is no fun. Anyways, happy anniversary!

  6. you crack me up... you dirty little hobo on acid :)

    what a lovely boat ride and I'm excited to hair about your no poo use. I've heard lots of this movement, but I know I'd be a greasy ol' mess. Your hair, on the other hands, looks great and not greasy at all.

  7. Dorable Blog Tienes!!! han gustado mucho esas fotos del lago en tono purpura...son muy gustaria hacer con ellas un cuadro para mi cuarto...y mirarlas antes de dormir....te sigo!!!...Marta

  8. happy anniversary!
    can i just tell you how dang adorable you always look! i bet you'd even look cute in a potato sack! can't wait to see the unexpected outfit :D

  9. Your sailing trip sounds like it was divine! The seals bobbing in and out of the water, how lovely.

    Also, those vibrant purple tights are to die for!

  10. i love love your charming posts. they're a refreshing read from my cramped city apartment :)
    xo s

  11. Beautiful beautiful beautiful Milla! That is amazing that your man jumped right in and restored a boat. Inspiring. What a lovely place to live. (Have you watched The National Parks series by Ken Burns?).

    As usual, I adore your outfits. That blouse is especially killing me.

    Sweetheart, your package was so incredible! I have just posted a blog about the Gunne. And I am in love with all the rest of it as well. (The hat! The hat! The sparkly dress!) The Foxfire books are SOOOO amazing! I have checked a few out from the library before and am thrilled to have this one! And of course the Life Magazine pictures- to die for.

    Speaking of books, I have started The Monsters of Templeton and am thrilled with it. Thank you so much for telling me about it and for the amazing gifts!!

    So much love!

  12. Happy Anniversary!

    That second photograph is absolutely stunning.