Saturday, February 20, 2010

De Daumier-Smith's Yellow Period and The Wild Wolves Of Vancouver

Out here on the Islands the spring-like weather continues. It's so incredibly lovely for a girl from the North-country, a place where February can still mean continual darkness, temperatures in the teens, and is currently pummeled by seemingly endless snowstorms.

Enthralled by the early arrival of spring, I've been wearing short-sleeves, leggings and yellow with the kind of reckless abandon that always ends in a cold. I care not though.

While we were in Vancouver last month Mali and I both got a disposable camera. Mine is has been sitting abandoned on the dresser, but Mali developed hers and here's some of what came out of it:

C. is obviously not the only one in this family that's a little bit bonkers. I blame the sun. And the moon.

Hope you're enjoying some frolic weather where ever you are.


  1. Ugh! You're so lucky, I hope your sunshine heads on down to good ol' "sunny" California soon! Today was borderline depressing it was so icky out.

    Those disposables are fun, I just picked up a little rinky dink plastic film camera unopened in it's original packaging the other day at the thriftstore. Based on the box I'd guess it's from the 80's. I was just today thinking I need to get some film for it.

    Ok, now back to trying to get my damn Valentine's Day post up, haha, I'm such a slow blogger.

  2. And, here I am in the Southern Hemisphere, with the first warning signs of Autumn apparent. Darker mornings, and cooler evenings. Enjoy your springtime.

  3. here in edinburgh we are due snow again this week! but i am truly enjoying gaia'a winter here in the north of europe in all its fullness while enjoying her spring through the fun you are having on your island! x

  4. very, very, very jealous of your warm weather, and I love the bright yellow skirt!

  5. well, i enjoyed ours while it lasted, felt the same way as you with your perky face to the sun, a little bit crazy with the glory of it!

  6. Thanks to Teenysparkles I read this post listening to Jeff Buckley, it was delightful and most fitting :) We've had just a day or so of frolicking weather and I'm really enjoying it!