Thursday, February 18, 2010

Calling Moon and Moon

Said moon, is just now laying on it's back above the water, a long bridge of light crossing to the shore. We just came home from a small night-walk to our beach. The weather has been just beautiful here, spring seemingly arriving each day carrying daffodils, crocuses, song-birds crazed with delight. We, the humans, too have picked up pace, laboring in the garden. Needless to say, online time has been scarce. Sorry about the long absence. (And all the spelling mistakes. They must be driving you bonkers, Missakin.)
Our first new plantings took place and are now, mere days later, pushing trough the soil. This make-shift greenhouse and the abundant sunshine may have helped.
C. built this little grow-box out of another set of vintage windows and beams from an old house some rich people dismantled (possibly to replace it with something less durable and interesting).
Now, I know I promised you an unusual outfit from last weekend, so here, belatedly, it is:
Our local threw an 80s birthday party and us girls convened in a friend's hair salon to dress primp and put on turquoise mascara. Girls just wanna have fun, it seems.
I apologize for the bad picture quality, but I will not apologize for what I'm wearing!
There was definitely an abundance of pink. From my pink dress with giant bow made of leftover fabric, to the heels and the nails and the ubiquitous legwarmers. Honestly, there were so many amazing outfits, purple jumpsuits with shoulder pads, prom dresses galore, boat shoes and bows, that I wish I could share, but I have the sacred obligation to protect the innocent, as well as the guilty.
Strictly anonymous shots it is.

I always strike a pose fit for Vogue. Though, as fun as it was, I have to admit I'm glad to return to my comfort zone of 90s and 70s.
The week since has been a very good one. My packages finally began arriving in their destinations, a new Joanna Newsom album is underway (read all about it on Amber's blog), and I've taken to swimming in our frigid ocean each morning. Oh and the moon is magical. I'm smitten with spring, even if she's not here to stay.


  1. Looks like a lot of fun!!

    I wish it wasn't just rain, sleet, rain, snow, sleet, rain over here!

    I might try a sun dance later and see if it helps - or a moon dance (:

    XO, Em

  2. now that is living it up! 80s parties & greenhouse boxes :) I'm so excited for this new Joanna Newsom album, i just love her!

  3. Well, I do declare! I never thought I'd see the day... Milla all dolled up 80's stylee :D

    To use a Clover-phrase: Oh what fun!

    That grow box is awesome and what a dream to be able to gaze off at the sea and smell the salty air right from your garden.

    p.s. You know I find your typos nothin' but charming ;)

  4. love the bangs! and the plastic bracelets added the perfect 80s touch :D looks like a fun time.

    i'm envious of your day i'll have one :)

  5. Oh I cannot wait (CAN. NOT.) wait for spring. I am so over snow. Need some gardening already.

    Btw, Supreme Scribbler award awaits for you here:

  6. An ocean swim every morning sounds idyllic!

    And I love your 80s outfit. :)

    A xx

  7. So you live near sea and mountains? You are truly in the midst of beauty, and it in you.

  8. These pictures are funny! I'm happy I found this blog:)