Monday, February 8, 2010

Best Friends Forever!

So this going to be my big huge home-sickness post. There are a lot of things I miss about my native land: rye-bread, sour milk drinks, salted licorice, snow, the social democracy...

Most of all I miss my friends and family.

A couple of days ago I talked to my friend Kristiina on the phone for like two hours, even though it was the middle of the night her time and she had to get up early for work that morning. That night I kept scrolling trough the pictures she sent me of my last year in Finland, which incidentally was the year we became friends. I stayed up until one in the morning reminiscing about our adventures.

Kristiina trying to be anonymous. Good luck.
Aino in front of our home where we first moved together in 2003. This place bound all of us to each other at various times.

We had so much fun. Even though it was in some respects the longest, saddest, year of my life, while I waited for my visa to come, all plans and hopes on hold, it was also, thanks to these beautiful girls the most girl-tastic, crafty, adventurous tea-drinking time I've ever had; and I'm going to share it with you here.

For instance; we had a old ladies knitting club. Not a stich 'n bitch, but a refined sewing circle of young ladies. It wasn't about producing stuff, it was about the tea, the treats, the conversation. We even had a member who never crafted.
Here we are munching on some tea and treats Kristiina brought from her Asian adventures.

We went sledding whenever the opportunity presented itself. Which was maybe thrice that year.
Like all girls we skipped rope.
We had birthday parties at the Winter Gardens.

We dressed up for Mayday garden brunches.
As a-matter-of-fact, national holidays, were very important to us. When we weren't having formal Independence Day parties, we celebrated Sommer Solstice. At least twice.
These pics are from the original event, in a beautiful tiny cabin in the country, where we walked in the midnight sun, made crazy pancakes and read Moomin Midsummer Madness out loud.
Kristiina and I wore our traditional folk-costumes.
Kristiina took very W_R-ey pictures of her feet.
We gardened at Kristiina's allotment plot, in a little valley by the sea, that always seemed sunny in spite the rainy summer.
There were trips to our hometowns.
Here we are on top of a view-point near Hämeenlinna. Aino and I are wearing awesome Russian Tourist-hats.
These are my mom's cabin near Suonenjoki. We sauna-ed in the smoke sauna, sledded to buy milk, made pancakes and slept in the attic, like girls in old kid's books.

For a going-away-party these guys even organized an awesome all-day celebration for me, which they cleverly named Milla-day.
Olga being an extreme cutie-pie. Her hair is changes with the seasons.
My favorite Finnish treat. Yum. I have to make these. Traditionally they go hand-in-hand with a national sledding-day. There's something sweet about a country that has a national sledding day.
The cutest little mama's boy.
Kristiina reading another chapter of Moomin Midsummer Madness in the library reading tent.
Life with these guys was an adventure, and while my life has become an even bigger adventure with my trusty partner, I miss the whimsy and calm these girls brought in to my daily-life. I have made many new wonderful friends, but no matter how far apart we are, these old friends are close to my heart.

Speaking of friends afar: Happy Happy Happy Birthday to beautiful Missa and Amber!
Here's looking at you kids.


  1. Oh, lovely post, makes me miss my old friends in lands far away.

  2. <3 <3 <3
    Laskiainen is this coming weekend by the way...

  3. oh wow what a delightful post. its great reminiscing about wonderful times with beautiful friends. You make me miss my homeland now too!

  4. very lovely post! I can't believe there is a land as magical as that? Sledding to buy milk would make the world a much happier & peaceful place :)

  5. Awwww, this post is enough to make ME homesick for your native land!

    You're so lucky to have such a wonderful tight-knit (I tell ya, I just can't help it with the puns, I swear I didn't mean to do that ;) group of girls in your life, even if they happen to be far away at the moment.

    To even be mentioned in such a beautiful post warms my heart so much, thanks friend :)

  6. ooooh, this was so lovely to read, espcecially all cozy with my coffee and the rain coming down and my cats. kriistina and aino are amazing; it must be hard to be away from them...i can tell all your adventures were full of pure bliss! i especially love the cabin stay and the pancakes and midnight sun, and sledding, incredible. you tell a killer story. oh and the mayday dress ups! it's so good to go through a year celebrating with your lovely girls and weird how everything changes too but those girls and those dreamy memories are still right there.

  7. Awww! Beautiful beautiful beautiful Milla! I feel calm and happy looking at these pictures and reading about your friends and your home. It is kind of unbelievable how adorable you all are and how charmed your life appears through these photographs.

    So how did you meet your hubby? I love it that he loves Mycelia's name and is a mycology nerd. One of Paul Stamets' kids has a shroomy name too. Speaking of, I once called in to our local radio station when he was being interviewed and told him the story of her name and he loved it. I thought your man might like that story :-)

  8. Great photos, and I can definitely identify with the whole waiting-for-the-visa-limbo-experience. The last months I spent in Finland were so odd. Everything seemed strangely old and nostalgic - places, friends, even myself - it was all unreal. Memories of great moments and great friends, that is all one needs when feeling homesick!

  9. this really warms my heart. kindred spirits forever!

  10. you had me at "national sledding day"

  11. maybe you should get homesick more often :P this post has great photographs and some of the coolest knitwear/ costumes. folklands rule!

  12. Milla--
    This is so sweet! I know just what you mean longing for the closeness of those sweet friends--tea parties, library tents (!!!)refined crafting, reading parties and more. What sweethearts. Do you write love letters and mail prize packages back and forth? I think that really helps. What beautiful images--thank you for sharing them!