Monday, January 25, 2010

Smock-Top, two bears, a jackalope, a few ghosts, making the hippie scene and time travelling

(...or how we went to Vancouver.)

Here we are then hanging out in our groovy kitchen, educating ourselves on the important issues of the day.

It's the late 60s and Vancouver is a pretty bobbin' town, much like the rest of North America's cities. There are protests going on, and the cool kids are hanging out, dropping out and tuning in. Our mission: to meet as many cute Vietnam deserters as possible. First we have to read up and dance to Beatless and Dylan and Buffy, and meditate a little.

But seriously.
Other than protest marches, our favorite hang-out is this totally happenin' record store.
They have the like best albums ever. And so many groovy posters.
Groovy, right?
In all honesty, we obviously didn't invent a time machine, all though if we had, it would be a toss-up between the Roaring 20s, the collapse of the Mayan civilization, ancient Egypt, Haida Gwaii before the settlers came, and the GROOVY 60s and 70s, for me. I think I've used the g-word enough times now...
We went to Vancouver and little Smock-Top (which is what C. calls Mali) learned that going to the museum with your elderly relatives can be kind of cool. The said Museum, had an awesome exhibit on taxidermy that we simply had to see, but also a permanent set-up on the history of the City, complete with sets and dress-up boxes.
Mali gets her hair done the scary style...
The actual taxidermy exhibit was wholly and entirely unlike those mangy animals you see in high-school biology rooms, or the somehow sad diorama's of natural history museums. Its sole point was to muse on the relevance of this disappearing art, and to bring the deadly, collection-obsessed nature of killing animals for keeps, to the forefront of the museum-goers minds.
Beautifully curated and displayed, it was interesting and thought-provoking.
A bowerbird. Obviously the shape of things to come...
Albino skunk.
How to taxidermy a deer head.
Flightless birds.
A jarring scene. That's a turtle in the middle.
Pickled squid.

I don't think a kiss will bring it back to life...
Bird of paradise.
Here's our old friend:
The museum also had a pretty awesome view of Downtown. Now sorry about the monster-post, but there's more. Episode two is called: How we discovered the thinning beer-can, went to a biker bar punk show, got accidental wrist tattoos, went straight edge, and became hipster scum and are now one kevin-bacon degree away from Cory Kennedy. (Also introducing Drunkie Spice)
Until then Peace, Love and Feminist Flower Power!


  1. What a truly enjoyable post Milla! Looks like a very fun time. Is that a little lace vest thingy you're wearing?

    A jarring scene, haha. That kind of humor always gets me. Like after he was electrocuted back to life during a heart attack my friend's dad said it was "a very shocking experience" and I'm still laughing about that 10 years later.

  2. Glad you had such a great time!!! I adore that little kitchen too with the fridge into the wall like that ;-)

  3. Looks like a lot of fun. I want a kitchen like that too - and can't wait for the next post with a title like that!

  4. Ooooh looking forward to part 2 your hippy-ness.

  5. Ohh such a megestic hippie time! Wish I could spend a day or two like that, never ever been to Vancouver and I live in Canada. I've fallen in love with that kitchen, dunno how to tell my boyfriend :P

  6. "a jarring scene..." - hahahahahahaha

    But seriously, that IS one groovy kitchen.

  7. You and little Smock-Top are the cutest or should I say the grooviest. This looks like so much fun, can't wait for episode two!

    p.s. You win the award for best punster :)

  8. yes, you are truly the queen of good puns :)

    i'm excited for the 2nd part!

  9. What a glorious, rollicking good time!
    How were the Bowerbirds?
    I'm going to see them here in Tucson on Wednesday, and I can't wait!

  10. Wow, looks like you had a wonderful trip. Oh dear, that taxidermy stuff hit a rather awkward note with me, probably only because I happened to watch Psycho yesterday. Now that was some different kind of taxidermy with Mother...