Monday, February 1, 2010

She's got a chain of flowers dum-dum-dum-da-dum-da-dum

We interrupt our regular programming to bring you: Our 100th blog post! It has almost taken me two years to reach my centennial post, making my posting rate about a post a week, something I've recently improved somewhat upon.

But (QVC-stylee) that's not all! It's also my birthday post!
The said birthday was actually last Friday and I enjoyed a low-key celebration with C., South End (of the Island) friends and lots of kids. Kids make every party better. The best gift was simply having a friend offer to have it at her place, since our place is too small for any large scale (meaning more than 5 people) celebrations. I felt very special, got unexpected presents and Sona and Willow even made a wonderful cheesecake for me, with 13 candles to blow out.
This is what I wore. The yellow skirt came from VV in Vancouver and the vest from a package from Missa (see below)!
As previously mentioned, all kinds of fabulous packages have been arriving for weeks now. The most fabulous two though, came from the Amazing Anja and the Mighty Missakin.

When she did her review of what she wore this year, I jokingly commented that I wanted dibs on this dress if she ever decided to sell it.
Lo-and-behold she sent me an email saying I could have it as a gift! A few days later it promptly arrived along with one of her Billuminati prints that I ordered for Malski. In this beautiful package.
The dress is wonderful and I already wore it to a shindig, thought the weather was dark and rainy and not conducive to blue-sky-pictures. I'm plotting my return gift as I write this. (Fingers crossed I make it to the post office tomorrow...)
The other package which was waiting for me when I got home from the magical kingdom of Canada was from none other than Missa! Every time she sends me a package I cannot believe that she's outdone herself again. Hippie pins! (Just like the one's at the Museum!) Folk dresses! Holly Hobbie! Purple! Velvet! It was the most amazing package ever. Once again.
Even the box itself was pretty.
This dress is the only thing I got a decent picture of though. I love you darkness and rain, but you're a bit much. She also made me this awesome custom-Moleskin.
Look! It's us!
And, as if I wasn't already the luckiest girl alive, the lovely Amber gifted me with an item of my choice from her shop! What a choice...right now I'm leaning towards either this:

INDEPENDENT WOMAN of the 70s Dress  Size Small
or this:
Whaddya think? It all looks so cute on her...
Perfect birthday dresses aside, I did get one present that was hard to catch and came without pretty wrapping paper.
Another chicken from C.'s boss, Jodie. She's really beautiful and quite feisty. There was much ass-kicking going on today. Chickens are pretty funny, slightly neurotic critters. Here's C. trying to tame her.
After the celebrations on Friday, we spent Saturday night tasting locally brewed beers and hanging out with friends. Hence the lack of posting around these parts. Sunday was in turn spent lazing around and nursing a hangover, but now we're back on track and you'll be getting that cliff-hangered second Vancouver post tomorrow.

Here's my birthday song in the mean time:


  1. Charlie's Girl! The vest looks super cute! Sounds like a wonderful birthday weekend and what a pretty new chicken :)

  2. So glad the dress is working for you! CHICKENS!!

  3. Happy Hundredth post and birthday - I've enjoyed reading your blog :)

  4. awww, sounds like a fantastic celebration! new chickens, pretty dresses, parties with friends, pretty boxes, pretty ribbon...

    ps; thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, i think its the nicest compliment. I find your blog also very endearing and sincere, and that's why i always look forward to your posts! looking forward to parte dos of the Vancouver installments.

  5. Happy Birthday and 100 posts! I say choos the prairie blouse, it's so you! :)

  6. well HAPPY BIRTHDAY! i hope it's a great year for you...must be if you wore yellow (!) to ring it in! You looked lovely, it's no wonder all these amazing ladies want to dress you. It sounds like you had the nicest celebratory weekend and i hope the rain will give you a break this week!

  7. Happy birthday, so glad you are still posting, and adding your beautiful pictures.

  8. Holy Smoly! Happy birthday, friend! Looks like you got all the good stuff.