Thursday, January 7, 2010

Oh Dirt Road!

Once upon a style, the street fashion sites looked like a breath fresh air, from the Harajuku collection "Fruits" to the emergence of Hel-looks. The Sartorialist, Face Hunter, and OMFG Misshapes, do you remember Misshapes? It seemed as though they were here to liberate us from the perfect monotony of magazines, which had nothing to do with how real, interesting people dressed. Now many of them kind of look like those magazines, haunting the Fashion Weeks of the world.

(Hel-looks is still mostly my exception to this rule. Call it national pride, or a sense of their lack of selling out, I feel they still feature enough real, different people to be interesting.)

Sometimes I swear if I see another fashionista in the "it-oufit" of her social strata, accompanied by their pretence laissez-fair explanation, of how they don't really follow fashion, but are instead "inspired by sea-captains, bear wranglers, great dead authors they've never read, but whose picture looked cool, the music of the Marsh Hares of Baker St., or some other le vrai chose", I'm gonna take an ax to the computer. And the lack of smiling. Oh with the lack of smiling!

That is not what you will see in Dirt Road Style, a section of this blog where I'll feature pictures of stylish friends, acquaintances and other Island dwellers, wearing outfits of their own, distinct sense of style. Just for fun. Fun dammit.

Give it up Mali, who has more thrifty style, than a pack of rabid grandma's at Good Will.

Mali is wearing all thrifted items, shoes gifted from Milla, and was at the time of the picture-taking suffering from a cold, poor thing. She haunts the magical Dump and the Value Villages from Mt. Vernon to Vancouver with a skill unmatched by any mortal. She likes cats, and big sweaters and cozy shirts.

It's a good thing she uses her powers for good and not evil.

So what do you all think of this here new feature?


  1. Yay! Your friend looks great. I also still kind of love hel-looks the most because they don't go to fashion weeks! I think it's unhealthy to only see models on those sites, or people who look like models!

  2. Of course, I will just love this feature. And I'm so happy to be seeing more frequent blog posts from you!

  3. this is the best thing i have read all day (and my daily reading included the awesome angela carter today!)

    your style is so wondeful and it is a given that your friends' styles will be too. magical first post! after having stalked your flickr and seeing so many items that this cool lady found for you it's great to have a face for the great thrifting deeds! xx

  4. ooooh ahhhhh, lookin forward to more. Hurrah!

  5. I love it!
    Right on, sister!
    I agree with you so much on this issue. I don't fork 5 bucks over to read fashion magazines like Vogue anymore because 1.) 60% of it is boring ads for expensive, boring clothing featuring boring/bored models...2.) too fancy and unreal...
    I'm so much more inspired by people I see on the street, from the vantage of my bike, on the bus, my friends, and the good people of the internet, like you!
    keep up the good work!
    i look forward to more dirt road!

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  7. love the idea, and your friend's outfit is adorable! what a wonderful cardigan!

  8. oh i just love it! i'm excited about future installments :)

  9. I love it. I have a terrible softspot for some of those sites, but they are mostly unrealistic and not so much inspiring as they are unattainable. I cannot wait to see more photos of beautiful, creative girls (and guys?)--the kind you find in the woods or sitting on a pile of rocks somewhere.


  10. Oh, you know I love it!

    Mali looks adorable and I can't wait to see more stylin' island folk!

  11. YES! I couldn't agree more! Maybe you'll start a tiny revolution, or at least turn some eyeballs into flower petals from the sheer pleasure of freshness and innovation of it. and the name is SO PERFECT - let's see some true gritty, real unique beauty, craftiness, style, and charisma!!! I LOVE IT!

  12. Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

  13. I love this feature! And agree with you re: streetstyle blogs.

  14. And fun it is. Your friend has a great thrifting eye

  15. Easily I to but I dream the brief should have more info then it has.