Monday, January 4, 2010

Literary Influence

You all know how much I love and adore the Finnish author Tove Jansson, right? Well who knew that her work was also affecting my clothing choices:
This is Snufkin, Moomintroll's best friend in the world.

He sleeps in a tent, plays harmonica, goes on long hikes, loves adventure, smokes pipe, and doesn't talk much. Hhmmm...this actually reminds me of someone else...

So anyway, Snufkin:
Me in my New Hat:
Old beat up hat!
Me in my New Hat:

Uncanny, right?
In other news: I've been getting many many many Birthday presents well in advance. On C's birthday (New Year's eve) Malski gave us this awesome handmade portrait.
I'd like to say that that was my favorite part, but I would be lying, because the inside entitles us to two tickets to see the Bowerbirds in Vancouver on the 23rd!!! So cool. (Notice the Family Totems include a Hobo Totem. It's a hobo-life!)
Then C. found me a book I wanted at the Dump! And that's not all. I also acquired a wicked 1969 copy of Life Magazine. With Hippie Communes on the cover!

But that's not all (TV-shop/ QVC-stylee. I'll be throwing in a second miniature blender and two more knife-sharpening knives!)...My birthday dress arrived in the mail and it looks something like this:
RESERVED FOR MOTUS Vintage Floral Backless Maxi Dress
I'll be wearing this little number to the concert!
But that's not all at all, folks. Today I picked up a package from Finland, and discovered that USPS also likes to rock it QVC-stylee: Buy one, get one free! For a multitude of complications, they had been holding onto another package for a while, one that we thought forever lost, and it contained some truly fabulous items, about which I shall post tomorrow. Among them the black fingerless glove I'm wearing. Thank you Kitti, Aino and Olga!

Hat's all for today!


  1. The Bowerdbirds?! Annnd that dress? I'm a wee bit jealous. :)

  2. Very Snufkinesque! Tove certainly had a way with characters.

  3. Wow! Amazing prezzies abound and you crack me up miss "QVC-stylee" :D

    Oh, and don't even get me started on that dress, THAT DRESS! You'll be the hottest girl at the concert for sure.

    But wait, there's more, cause I'm gonna work on your package tomorrow! I am really, I pinky swear ;)

  4. Wow! I can't believe the most amazing things you two acquire at the said "dump". Amazing! And what an incredible gift from your friend, beautiful portrait.

  5. Ahh, that outfit is adorabe. I have to admit I do not know that band, Ihave a clothing swap to go to that night anyway but will check them out!

  6. What a happy posting of great fortune!

  7. Hi I am new! I LOVE the sweater you are wearing in this post! It is fantastic!

  8. Please, please, please post some pictures from that Life magazine.
    I am going to look into that author now! I was going to come here today to ask you for book recommendations. I am between novels for the book club I run right now and need something!

  9. Love your style :)

    Could you tell me who 'Malski' is? Because it's my lastname and it's very interesting to find it somewhere, thousends km from home :)