Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How to dress like a logging camp orphan in 5 easy steps.

For real this time. I'm researching two projects on the Olympic Peninsula, which is awesome because I'm pretty much totally obsessed with that region. In one of the books I was reading I came across some images of a logging town school circa 1900. I wish I had a good scanner, because I swear there's a girl in there that has my outfit. Or vice versa...

Easy steps to poverty-stricken turn-of-the-century-child-style (Not for the faint-hearted, or neat. Don't try this at home.):

1. Wear things that have holes, are missing buttons, have unfinished hems, with reckless abandon.
2. Mix items both too-big and too-small.
3. Surefire way to look poverty-stricken: shapeless grey things and nubby, gray sock-items.
4. Scour the earth for beat-up leather shoes.
5. Finish the look with something age-inappropriate, like say, a giant hair-bow.

For extra bonus points this versatile look turns into an orphaned sea-captain's daughter look with an over-size sailor coat, courtesy of L.L Bean.

But seriously ya'll, this look was rather appropriate because today I found MY BOAT!!!
I went for a walk in the woods and along the shore, and as I saw that the creek had gotten less intense I fished around for a my little lost vessel. And lo-and-behold there it was trapped under a rotting log! Only a little worse for wear.
The log was like a cave that held the boat by its feathered sail. I shall learn from this mistake and make my ship more sea-worthy. Or river-worthy, as the case maybe.
The woods were "lovely, dark and deep". And the sun was out, the air almost sweet with the first bugs dancing around. I also saw a bunch of nettles which promises good, tea-shaped things to come.
I circled around and walked down the shore to the dock to watch the sunset. It was warm in the sun. School of fishes swam by, and gulls and herons circled the water. Times like this I feel very lucky to live here, surrounded by all this beauty, both in the natural world and the good people that are our community.
Mine was a good day, how about yours?


  1. My day was good, maybe not quite as poetic. I love the way the woods smell after a good rain and that mixed with the scent of the sea... you are a lucky girl indeed :)

    I did get a very important package sent off though, so that was good and Clover and I visited the library to get new books so there was a lot of children's book reading. A fun lightning and thunder storm rolled through midday and when Lucas got home from work tonight Clover made him dance around the living room with her "It's time to dance Papa." To see them having so much fun dancing together tugged at my heartstrings a bit :)

    I'm so going to try out your tips for dressing like a logging camp orphan, I love it!

  2. Dude, what is with the onslaught of crazy spam comments on your blog?!

  3. I know right? Unless I am to take it as a sign that crazy Chinese jesus-freak loves me.

  4. I think you should make many more boats. A whole fleet of ships, even!

  5. I love that you have a sense of humor about the way you dress! People think we don't realize our silliness sometimes, but we do! Also, your surroundings are absolutely beautiful and I'm glad you found your boat :)

  6. Your home looks lovely...magical. I'm loving your new series of "anti-fashion" posts [I mean that in a good way] -- you look just perfect!

  7. I had a good day too, maybe a tad less romantic with fewer ginormous trees :)

    I had not noticed that great rutter you constructed on your boat! I think you totally should have one. Did you notice the winner of the race was also the pusher? It may have been a conspiracy.

  8. Ohhhhh I feel restful just looking at your pics. Blissful day.

  9. You are so freakin' adorable.

    That is *awesome* that you found your boat!

    Thank you for the peaceful views...

  10. u2 too adorable, yes I have the beat up shoes, bow and too big too small, but I've tended to avoid holes....

  11. what pretty land you live in. although beat up abit, i like your little boat. :)

  12. You live in such a beautiful place--lovely, dark and deep green woods! Gorgeous. My sister lives in Arcata, CA in the Redwoods--and I love visiting her because of the mossy woods and the hidden heaps of brightly colored mushrooms and the mist from the ocean. I love a good forest. And I absolutely adore your style--it's perfectly cozy.
    p.s. I finished Master & Margarita a few days ago--sheer joy! it is such a gorgeous book! I've blogged about it, recommended it to all my friends, read passages aloud to the boyfriend...delicious!

  13. i think your outfit is actually way cute. something makes me want to find the exact outfit and try to be a cute as you. wowza...