Monday, January 18, 2010

Gypsy Punk Life, or I love my Mama.

We had a fundraiser at work on Friday and I got a cold. Ick. So the weekend was pretty much spent by me at home, next to the VCR. That's right. V-C-R. Why buy DVDs when you can get VHS' for next to nothing. The Dump is full of them. The thrift stores hawk them for pennies. They're never out of the library.

True, you don't exactly get the latest releases, but you do find hidden gems you've never dreamed of. Like Latcho Drom, a non-narrative documentary about the journey of gypsies from their ancestral lands to the cold expanse of Europe.

I don't know wether this outfit was inspired by the movie, or just how warm my Russian scarf is, but it rocked anyway.
My mom gave me the scarf as a wedding gift, and it is my all-time-favorite item of clothing.
That she thrifted it on a trip to the Soviets in the 70s and wore it all the way trough my childhood only makes it more special. I love my Mama.
Not just because she has awesome taste and she, well gave me life, but because of her integrity and fiery spirit. It was her for instance that drilled into me that people's common place attitudes about the Finnish Romane, were prejudice and cowardice and that I should trust my own judgement about people, regardless of their ethnicity, religious beliefs, or any other bullshit that is just the tiny fragment of one individual.
...that I'll be dancing on. Maybe to this:


  1. How joyful!I wanted to get up and dance to gogol myself; thanks for sharing.

  2. Aw man, you found that movie at the dump? That's awesome. We learned about it a few months ago when we were up visiting Lucas' dad and I was so bummed when I got home and tried to Netflix it and those f***ers didn't have it, they never have the movies I want! Ok, that's not completely true... they never have the totally obscure movies I want! I need to get a VCR ;)

    P.S. Here's to wise mamas with awesome style!

  3. Don't forget the lovely rewind sound that VHS players make, and that little bit of extra patience they require :) I love your gypsy pattern mixing. And what a lovely story behind your pretty scarf!

    PS: Have you seen Everything is Illuminated? It features lots of Gogol Bordello & the lead singer acts in it. I love them!

  4. ummm, new favorite dance song ever? i'm having my friend zack (ddjxaq4000) add it into his digital dj mixes. GYPSY PUNK!? what could possibly be better?