Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Great Race

This video will explain everything:

But in case it got lost in the somewhat awful quality, let's recap: last time it rained like a mofo, C. and I agreed that we should build some wee boats to race down the creek. So when the heavy rains came again on Thursday, we did.

I spent about twenty-minutes on my boat, and at least five of those minutes on those purty flags. C. spent about twice that long, and all he really did was to add ballast to his keel.

Seeing as he has actually been working on a real-live boat the past few months maybe I should have taken the hint, but certain of my impending victory, I headed to the creek, which had now swelled to a fast moving stream, due to the afore-mentioned rains.

About eight seconds after the initial launch my boat disappeared under the first rapids that came along. Stuck in a little eddy, it will most likely spin there forever more. C. had better luck, though not that much better, his boat made it to the next rapids with much poking, prodding and wading in the muddy creek.

Fun was had by all! (I can't wait to see how infantile we'll get once we have actual children...)


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  2. oops! i deleted my own comment!? I'm really good at deleting things, my goodness :)

    I commented that it was a pretty creek and that I could sit & listen to that for hours! Oh, and great boat building skills!

  3. That was so was cute to hear your voice! Blogs are weird, how you forget people are "real people" and suddenly they can become instantly REAL! you guys are way adorable and crafty to have a little boat race out in your gorgeous creekside land of willow reeds snails trails grayclouds and moss. beautiful!

  4. what fun!
    loved your folk music post!

  5. You guys are just the cutest, that's all there is to it. Your children will be over the moon for you :)

    Loved the video, so fun to hear your voice again!

    It's dumping buckets here, we have little lakes all over the backyard. Perhaps some wee boat building is in order :D