Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Anorak Twins

I was delighted when I saw this picture of Amber.

She and I have thrifted the same 70s REI anorak. These days I wouldn't be caught dead shopping at the mock-log-house-monstrosity that is, but this Co-op era jacket is awesome. I sincerely hope that their current wares are equally durable an well-designed.

Today was a kind of a non-starter, due to lack of sleep last night, something that almost never happens to me. I bummed around, went for a wee walk, dug in the garden, wrote, made dinner from the back of the cupboard. Nothing spectacular, but a good day all the same. It's lovely to be at home together, just the two of us, with little that has to get done (though lots that needs doing). The wind in the trees, in the garden we heard an eagle sing, yes! sing. Just before dusk C. saw two herons flying low above our house.

Here's the rest of what I wore today:
I got this dress from the Dump last summer, wore it once to work where it garnered tons of compliments and then promptly forgot about it, in spite the fact that it's a perfect fit, flattering, and in my latest favorite color: purple. I shall be wearing this more often to be sure.

I'm also wearing two amethyst necklaces, from the Dump and the thrift store. Amethyst is my birthstone and for whatever reason people are always giving me them, whether they know it's my birthstone or not.

It's like Eugene Hutz always says: Start Wearing Purple!


  1. That jacket is downright covetable. Mm.

  2. I love lazy days :)

    What a crazy cooincidence about the matching jackets, and it suits you both so well!

    I started getting you package together today. There's still one more thing I want to add that needs finishing and of course should I come across anything awesome and purple in the meantime... :)

  3. You are the cutest. So cool about the jacket. I totally love it! Super score, so warm and cute. Thank you thrift gods.

    When is your birthday darling? I'm February 8th. And so is Missa!

  4. Amethyst is one of my favorite gems! Very beautiful pendant!

  5. Thanks for the book recs! And okay, I had to blog about you blogging about me (and a few other things too):

  6. now that song is in my head... we've got an owl that traverses in the trees behind our house. it's so lovely to hear him hoot at us in the evenings :)

  7. Amethyst is supposed to be very good for meditation and clearing the way for better creativity and inspiration. I think others must pick up (either consciously or not) on those qualities in you and be instinctively drawn to choose amethyst. Yes?