Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Last Days Of Summer

Gosh darn! I've been very negligent of this here little blog, haven't I? Life has been getting in the way. Hot summer days, adventures and money-making schemes, have all taken their toll. So to in order to get back to a somewhat regular posting schedule, I hereby declare Summer Session:
five installment series on new awesome inspirations, for the remaining days of summer. One to come each week. Starting NOW. I hope you enjoy them and share some of your very own.

Book of the week:
Klee Wyck by Emily Carr

In her seventies, bed-ridden and ill, the iconic Canadian painter turned to writing, as a means to continue creative expression. Klee Wyck chronicles Carr's travels among Canada's First Nations in short, impressionistic sketches, that are reminiscent of her paintings, both in their honesty and poignancy.

Blog of the week:
braids + apple blossoms by gracefullady.

the ole flintlock by gracefullady.

close-up of apron by gracefullady.

IMG_8162 by gracefullady.

fabric! by gracefullady.

The awesomely inspiring Anna Allen shares her thoughts on such varied topics, as food, fashion, her work as a seamstress and her hobby of historical re-enactment. She also gives tips for baking, braids and how to make vintage swimming costumes out of brand new tops. Pretty darn cool, in my humble opinion.

(check out braid wednesday too)

Band of the week:

Inspirational image of the week:

under the fairy tree by Violet Folklore.

Craft of the week:
Tiedye! (the ultimate hippie craft!)

(There don't seem to be any good tie dye-instruction vids online-maybe I need to make one)

That's all I got for now.