Monday, September 28, 2009

To fall

The big celebration is over, there's a fire in the stove and great books were purchased at the bookshoppe. It's raining so hard the ocean is but a grey mass, all the other islands hidden. Wind is shaking the trees all around the house. Today I wore my lovely, lovely new 70s lumberjack coat from the Dumpsky for the first time. Summer is over. Welcome, you fairest, you severest of seasons all, oh fall.

What a perfect moment to browse some fall favorites:

If you're not into pickling, how about drying apples? It's a easy activity with minimal need for any kind of equipment. You could get a de-hydrator, but why waste electricity when you can take advantage of your warm house?

Five easy steps to dried apple bliss:

1. Get some apples.
2. Dig out the cores.
3. Slice.
4. Hang up trough the core holes.
5. Wait till dry and put in airtight jar.

As an added bonus this activity also fills your house with delicious apple smell.

And what about books, you ask? Is there anything lovelier than sitting by the fire/heater reading a good book? Obviously not.

I just finished and heartily recommend Julie Orringer's book of short stories, How To Breath Underwater.

I was so busy this summer, that reading short stories was often the best solution, as you could finish one and move onto the next without having to wait for days what might happen next.
Another good, though more mixed, collection, was Rebecca Curtis' Twenty Grand: And Other Tales of Love and Money.

Mixed meaning that there were some that I adored and others that were utter rubbish. Sadly that's often the case with short stories.

And what to wear? Why dreamy red velvet, or maybe corduroy, of course.

Holiday Lovely Velvet Dress
Like this pretty from strawberrykoi

A good rucksack, school bag, or anything from forestbound, should hanging on your shoulder(s).

custom orders. by forestbound.

And for those of you still dreaming of spring and summer I recommend one of these amazing headdresses by which.goose.


As for other entertainments, netflix, or better yet support your local videostore, or better yet (if you live near a cinema, unlike me) see them in the theatres, see Jennifer's Body, The Hurt Locker, Bright Star, The Vintner's Luck, or I haven't given you enough variety, ANY OTHER movie by women (produced, written, directed).

Album of the year turned out, after all to be Upper Air by Bowerbirds. Listen to them.

That's fall folks!


  1. i love fall!
    now i want to dry some apples!

  2. Such a lovely post! Now I'm also looking forward to fall.
    Love your whole blog!

  3. Yay! More Milla suggestions to check out!

    Ah the magic of fall, this post is making me start to feel it :)

    We just got over a crazy heatwave. It was 102 on Sunday ONE HUNDRED AND TWO. But things have thankfully cooled down and yesterday morning we even turned on our heater for the first time, so we'll see...

    Stay warm and cozy my friend!

    P.S. So glad to hear the wedding went well, I knew it would!

  4. I absolutely love your blog and I am a poor beginner blogger. I would appreciate it if you would look at it. Have a beautiful day.

  5. Oh! How to Breathe Underwater is on my short-list of all time favorite short story collections. Each one is a little gem! I especially love "Notes to a 6th Grade Self"--heartbreaking upon each re-read!

    May I recommend Seraphine oh-so-heartily? It is one of the most subtle and gorgeous films I've seen in a long time--and just right for cozy fall.

  6. Yay for velvet--I'm all about it. Love your blog(s). Will keep up with them from now on. You've given me hope.