Thursday, August 13, 2009

Psylvia Gest Psychedelic

Woodstock Sing-Along

Psylvia Gets Psychedelic

Communal Cleaning

In '69, Beer Was Plentiful

Dashikis in 1969

Head Scarves Tied to the Back in 1969

Head Scarves Tied to the Side in 1969

The Hippie Look
Beauty in the Grime

Inspirational Woodstock photos, from the Life archive. Makes me wish my old man and I could go to this awesome festival. The Man is getting us down, man. Not cool.

'Hippie Headbands' in 1969


  1. These are so fantastic! Have you seen the previews for the Woodstock movie that is coming out soon??

  2. My god those photos. I would love to step inside one of them.

    Love Grace.

  3. Woodstock defined a generation, and these photos really capture that zeitgeist.

  4. Gorgeous photos. Especially the last one. Spooky.

  5. Amazing. Had you told me just yesterday that a gaudy type cocktail toe ring would be on my wishlist soon, I would not have believed.