Saturday, March 14, 2009

What I'm doing.

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Writing. Drinking coffee. Listening to the rain falling on the roof. You?

Listening to: or, the whale

Reading: The Golden Spruce


  1. Lying in bed in the dark while my boyfriend sleeps next to me.

  2. That sounds relaxing. I'm feeling exhausted from chasing Clover around all day. We're about to go out for Mexican food with some family then coming home to watch City of Ember.

    listening to: the sound of the warm air blowing out of the heater vent.

    reading: A baby board book called Oliver Finds His Way about a young bear who gets lost in the woods(seriously, Clover made me stop in the middle of this comment and read it to her).

  3. That's pictures so pretty.

    So much perspective is coming into play. I love.

    xx, Morena

  4. Hello! Just dropping in to say that I've created a tag and wanted to hear from you because you have such esoteric taste! The tag is: which 5 pieces of art would you most like to own (price is no object), and where might you put them in your (real or imagined) home? Til next time!

  5. I really like Or, the whale, have you heard of Frontier Ruckus? I think you'd like them, they have a similar vibe.

    I'm backing up my work files (so not exciting).

    Listening to: Te Presumo, by Banda Recodo (mexican influences)

    Reading: Cross Creek

    I enjoy your blogs... they're fun!