Saturday, February 21, 2009


...please excuse it.  We'll get back to the regular, ie. erratic posting schedule shortly. In the meantime, watch girls play:

The Littlest Birds Sing the Happiest Songs by Violet Folklore.

the sleepiest girl in new york by marcinéma.

I see a small house built on the sea by you.
I see a small house/built on the sea/I could live there alone with a horse/and a ukulele (well not alone, obviously)

Listening to: Patrick Wolfe
Reading: Delicate Edible Birds!!!!!!


  1. I definitely wanna learn the ukulele. I want to play really cheesy tropical songs on it. I wonder if I could do it...
    And I LOVE the sound of the banjo. I don't know why :)

  2. Very cute pics, hope you are able to blog again soon. :-)

  3. Aw, you three ladies would make the cutest strumming band everrrrr!

  4. How pretty you look in your charmingly southwestern room!

  5. that patrick wolf thing at the end made me smile so much. this blog is officially my favourite and this post is just darling!