Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A bad day

if you're having one too, here's something to maybe cheer you up.

The greatest song of the Great Lake Swimmers

The story of two star-crossed Amish youths, by the mesmerizing Lauren Groff.

A portrait of the artist as a young sea-lion watcher.

At a pinch the greatest movie ever. Certainly the most under appreciated.  

And not just 'cos it features Sam Rockwell's naked butt. (also, to answer your question: yes, that is Mischa Barton. She was once known for something other than headbands. Honest to blog.)

Now cheer up already!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Seasons greetings.

Merry Yuletide Everyone! or Hauskaa Joulua! as we say in Finland. Feel free to click on one of my favorite carols (and a very modern one at that) before browsing these few very Christmassy images.  As this might be my last Christmas in Finland for a while, I've selected pictures that are very Finnish in essence.

Rudolf Koivun kansi satuun Joulupukin satuja ja tarinoita. Vuosien varrelta valittuja I, 1932.

And a happy new year!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Girls IN film

I'm writing my final paper on women's authorship in films, and to my great dismay have found that even in film circles many people aren't aware of the amazing female filmmakers of yore. Since many a great style blogger has posted about silent film starlets, I thought I'd show you the talented, intelligent and equally stylish ladies behind the camera.

Alice Guy Blaché who was arguably the writer, director, cinematographer and set and costume designer of the world's first ever fiction film. Mainstream film history, when it's not ignoring her entirely, will state her second to Melies' first, but even if that was true, I think she deserves recognition and reinstatement in the canon, especially since, unlike Melies, she had to hold down a secretary's job while doing her movie. (Her boss, Mr. Gaumont, told her she could mess around with the cameras if it didn't affect her day job.)

Jeanie MacPherson, actress, writer, director. In the teens she worked in collaboration with none other than Cecil b. DeMille. As film historians would have it his name has the kind of instant recognition hers does not.

Lois Weber, who among woman filmmakers is my hero and role model. Not only was she one of America's first true auteurs, but the themes of her work were often those of social injustice, feminism, and the battle against hypocrisy in politics, the church and society.

Frances Marion became in 1930 the first woman ever to win an Academy Award for the best adapted screenplay. She's credited with writing and producing over 130 films.

Anita Loos came into the scene a little later than most, but she also stayed on a lot longer, perhaps, sadly, because she never clamored for that man's job known as directing. (She, by the by, wrote the original version of The Women, which was remade this year. The original was quite the blockbuster of it's time.)

This of course is only the tip of the iceberg. And sadly, more often than not mainstream history's forgetfulness when it comes to talented ladies, is not a thing of the past. Today's female filmmakers are often ignored by the media, the industry bosses and awards juries.
(Hands up if you know how many times a woman has been nominated for a best director Oscar.)
So if your interested got piqued by these here ladies, do check out such contemporary geniuses as Kelly Reichadt,

Courtney Hunt,

and Julie Taymor.

For example. Do go see a movie directed by a woman. Go see them in the theatre, go see them the first weekend they open. If you like them, tell a friend, your auntie, tell your dentist. Remember that it might be your story that's left untold, when women filmmakers aren't allowed a voice in the business.

Rant over. Correct answer is 3 (Sofia Coppola, Jane Campion and Lina Wartmuller. None of them have won.)

Monday, December 1, 2008

What Loves Me?

Many moons ago (so maybe just one) I was tagged by the lovely and amazing Kater for a six random things meme, which is fun to do on this here rainy day

Six random things about me:

1.I'm half left-handed. There's is a term, ambidextrous, to describe people who use both their hands to do things. Sadly this term has no opposite, which is what I am. In kindergarten and first grade sweet, but misguided educators with old-fashioned ideas about schooling, tried to make me right-handed, and as a result I write with my left and do everything else awkwardly and ineptly with my right hand...

2. My eyes are different colored. One is blue-gray and the other green-gray with brown flecks. I used to pray for this when I was little and had blue eyes. Creepy...

3. I am obsessed with space shuttles. It is one of my life-goals to see one launched from Cape Canaveral.

4. I find number 4 unlucky.

5. I can tie a cherry stalk into a knot inside my mouth, like Audrey Horne does in Twin Peaks. I was young and stupid and didn't realise this was done through the magic of television, so one summer, I practiced and practiced until I got it right.

6. I love secrets. Sometimes I will keep really trivial things secret, just to have one.

Six random things I like:

1. Ike

2. Radio. So much better than TV.

3. Sleeping at someone else's house (not in a slutty way, mind you).

4. Men who wear dapper things like vests and hats (I married one.).

5. Peppermint patties (we don't have them in Finland.).

6. Science and history magazines (to the point of dweebness).

Six random things I don't like:

1. Chick lit.

2. Hipsters.I can't stand these fucking people
(which makes me a hipster, according this blog. which is the first thing that comes up when you image-google hipster. On the third page the panty-kind finally appear.)

3. Pork. I don't eat meat really, maybe once every 6 months, but never pork. Can't abide it.

4. Most kinds of candy. Lame I know. I just can't stand additives. Chocolate and liquorice are okay though. And peppermint patties, obviously.

5. Mobile phones. Especially fancy ones.

6. Hollywood starlets. I like a little substance in my acting, thank you.

Six Blogsters I'm tagging:
I'm guessing most of you have already done this, but if you haven't and your lacking in things to do, then consider yourselves tagged!

Now for some music:

Why Andre Charles Theriault is not already an international superstar escapes me!