Monday, June 30, 2008

Summer Love

I don't know about you, but I get stuck in my internets ways a lot, browsing the same old sites and same old blogs, day-in and day-out. Not that they're not wonderful, or anything, but one does like to visit the proverbial "Zoo of the New" every so often. Here's some new wonders that I'd like to say I found, but mostly they found me:

These beautiful pics are by the amazing Hatnim Lee, were discovered in this lovely little blog.

Katrina, the curator of Small Souvenirs, seems like the kind of girl who gets a lot of birthday and tea-party invites. I'd certainly invite her to mine.

I'd hope that Marcine, the all-ukulele-playing, 50s-skirt-wearing, cute-as-button-platitude-inducing extravaganza of a girl, could join us too.

She's a fellow wardrobe remixer and has a blog who's adorability rivals her own.

And since we're vaguely on the subject of music:

This awesome blog not only has the greatest insight into the weirdest new musics, but also offers mp3s to listen to. Sweet.

Now let's all get up, back away from the computah, get out into the sun and the breeze and have ourselves some of these:

Sunday, June 29, 2008

To live...

...somewhere other than the city, would be very wonderful.

"We live with the cockroach
And we split our cords of oak
And keep this wood stove burning
While the bitter winds are blowing
We stow our words in the cellar
So we never lose hope"

Cedar Creek Tree House

tipi site, originally uploaded by tipi dweller.

Lyrics above and listening to: The Bowerbirds "Dark Horse"
(I'd like to add that I'm more than a little homesick for the little house on a beach that my husband currently lives in, all on his own, because the U.S immigration is taking very long with our application to be reunited...)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Skinny Love

"It was like riding on the back of a giant sea turtle, across the middle of the ocean at night, while, high overhead, the heat death of the universe begins."

-A blogger in a (hopefully!) fictional post about what sex with the then 16-year old club urchin It-girl, Cory Kennedy, would be like.-
The said post being just one example of the strange fascination, mixed with loathing, that she inspires in people. Cory Kennedy is invariably; everyone's favorite guilty pleasure, at once both utterly guileless and completely jaded, a total waste of time, and in my humble opinion, oddly bewitching.

Cory's blog
Cory Kennedy-Levin on Wikipedia (the article doesn't mention how back in the early 07s the entry fell pray to Wikipedia's controversial notability-policy. It was pretty funny.)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

You're it!

A while back, I was tagged by the lovely Thriftcandy to play "the 5 things game". I've been busy and kind of forgot about it, but to make up for that I came up with a fun way of doing it. Here goes:
5 Things found in my purse and 5 Things found in my bag combined:

More than one book, always! A mug, snacks, rosebud lip balm. A ribbon for hair-emergences. Passport in a
Simbiosis-cover. My favorite pin. It says "Be Nice To A Tree Today", but it was issued by Weyerhauser, only the biggest logging company in the Pacific Northwest. The irony.

5 Favorite things in my room:

My desk, inspiration board, plantskies, this 'ole computah.

A close-up of my paper trains, dinosaur, seashells.

My North wall. Featuring my typewriter, grandmama's tea cups, a Black Apple-print and assorted knick-knacks...

Mah behd. Another Black Apple Print, a gig poster from Portland (It was apparently a benefit show for Eric of The Lashes...), A map of the North Central Cascades, and yes, a Bonnie Prince Billy-pin-up poster.

My 1920s singer sewing machine, the inside is ancient Egypt-themed. My Grandmama's sewing box and other assorted boxes on top. Oh and a print that I got from my mom, that says "An artist isn't just supposed to state, that which others can't, but also that which they dare not."

5 Things I'm currently into:

Siri Hustvedt

Fakers, phonies, and outright con-artists.

The Bowerbirds

The Olympic Peninsula

Laura Ingalls Wilder

5 Things I always wanted to do:
Write a book. One I thought was good enough.
Have some babies.
Make my own clothes.
Live off the land.
Learn to surf.

5 Impressions of the person who tagged me:
Missa is, in my humble opinion: darling, funny, clever, a gifted thrifter and an awesome dresser!

I was also tagged by A Cat Of Impossible Color to come up with a title for my autobiography about my life up until now. How About:

More Amazed Than Anything

It's a quote. You probably knew that.

If they feel like it, I'm tagging Kater, Kennedy, TheClothesHorse, TheTiniestSpark and Vappu.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I know you're here and I'm not afraid of ghosts

So much has been said about Theresa L. Duncan, since her sudden, untimely, and utterly self-inflicted demise in early July 2007. Invariably she's thus far been called a shrew, a loser, a genius, a lunatic, a plagiarist, a victim, one half of a serious case of folie à deux, and the reason Jeremy Blake, the brilliant multimedia-artist is dead... I do believe she's none and all of the above. And also, that they're pulling a the time-honoured "Ted and Sylvia-routine" on yet another female artist. Never mind that she didn't fill her potential, posthumously or otherwise. Don't take my word for it, see for yourself:

Ny Mag Article
Yeah, I am writing something related to all this...

"At the quarry, my cousins told me that the water was "bottomless", and so I hugged the shore and learned to swim at the Lepeer Library instead, suspecting already exactly what the limitless meant."

listening to: Rainer Maria

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Looking at pictures to be put away

originally uploaded by afternoon love in.

Who was this girl
In her white nightgown
Clutching a pair of jeans

On a foggy redwood deck.
She looks up at me tender,
Calm, surprised.

What will we remember
Bodies thick with food and lovers
After twenty years.

-Gary Snyder-

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Lake Monsters

If you care at all about them, I urge you to read the Monsters Of Templeton.

The Perfect Image that is seemingly not related to the book at all, is by the amazing Emily Martin of The Black Apple.

Listening to: Horse Feathers

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Bird Girls

Kennedy Holmes
A girl-crush, is a term coined to explain one girl's intense admiration for a another girl, usually someone they don't know that well; is characterized by wanting spend time with them, know all about them, even to emulate their behaviour, or way of dressing. A girl-crush operates much like any other kind of infatuation, but there's nothing sexual about it, though in adolescence it can be marked by similar desperation to it's sexual counterparts. This form of behavior is typical, and practically exclusive, to women. From early on, the inter-personal relationships between women, are more intense and intimate, often marked with a kind of awe.

The girl you admire will be cooler than you, prettier than you. She will have interesting things to say, she will do things you yourself would never dare to. You have all kinds of mythologies about the amazing adventures she has out of sight. I you ever do meet her, you'll find her maybe a little less mysterious, a little more like you, but this will most likely only make you adore her more.

Some girl crushes lead to long-term friendships, while others will keep their distance, and, in time, fade.

The advent of this modern life, where the world is compressed into a tightly-knit bundle, with endless crossing wires, has made it possible for one to observe the lives of people one has never met, and most likely never will. You can read their blogs, listen to their playlists, shuffle trough endless pictures of their friends, the landscapes they're looking at and the foods they ate. And, inevitably, you can develop girl-crushes on them.

Of the many amazing girls cavorting around the internet, there are three that capture my heart above all. If you're not familiar with them already (though it's a very small internets-world after all), allow me to introduce them:

On the top of this post you see Kennedy Holmes, a startlingly Amelie-esque beauty. Her pictures and blog posts have a somewhat shy, ethereal quality. She seems to want to hide in her long hair half the time, but the other half she writes and poses so honestly, she makes it seem like you really know her, and have for a long time. As soon as I read the first post on her blog, I was utterly smitten with her,wry, sweet presence. Interestingly enough, we recently discovered that trough some strange co-incident, we actually have a mutual acquaintance in the real-world too, which is all a little magical to me.

This lovely young lady is Kater, of All This Happiness, an English major from Albany NY. For all appearances though, it seems that she belongs more to the charmed and charming world of Jane Austen, or maybe Chekhov, perhaps even Fitzgerald. Her style is demure and elegant, her posts thoughtful, intelligent and beautifully executed. She and I share, apart from a love of books and clothes, an obsession with both fairy-tales and bees. Unlike most style-oriented bloggers, Kater's ruminations can run quite long and essay-like, which I, as a reader, love.

Last, but certainly no least, is my greatest style hero, Missa, of Thriftcandy, for whom I fell head-over-heels, from the moment I finally got my act together and joined Wardrobe Remix. Though physically complete opposites; one tall and blond, the other short and dark, I am certain that she's my long-lost style-twin. Of all the stylish girls everywhere, it is Missa's style that I most covet. Everything she wears makes me giddy with admiration, and not a little envious. Often we'll come up with exactly the same sartorial inspirations, at the same time. A number of little coinciding thoughts and finds that happen between us, make it seem fated that we should be pals. From the start of our tentative long-distance friendship, I've sort of looked upon her as the cool, older sister I never had.

Now, that I've poured out my little heart, I'd like to know who do YOU have a girl crush on?

O-kay, gush-fest officially over.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Don't want my body trapped in time...

There's a word in the English language that I find very dear, and oddly descriptive of myself.
Anachronism is, according to the Oxford English Thesaurus: "a thing belonging or appropriate to a period other than that in which it exist. esp. especially a thing that is conspicuously old-fashioned".
It does not apply to me because I like to wear 20s clothing, or have the morals of the 50s, or for that matter, the spirit of the 60s, or for any such simple, discernable reason. It is an odd mixture of influences. For one thing, it seems to me in hindsight, that I was practically raised in and entirely different time than the other kids in my kindergarten and later, class. When I was little, my mother and I had mostly old things, due to poverty and most likely her rebellious ethics. We lived in a house that was heated with tall, tiled wood stoves, and was often so cold in the morning, that laying in bed, my breath formed vapor clouds.

Sometimes my mother would even dress me in 50-year-old sailor dresses and tie a giant bow to my hair, to emphasize the impression that I was actually the long lost descendant of Russia's last Czars. She had an extensive collection of magazines from the 50s and 60s for her work, but subscribed to none of their contemporary counterparts, and so I was always very hip to what was going on with Natalie Wood and Hailey Mills, and never quite sure who Madonna was. We had no TV for years, and then when we finally got one the National Public Radio had a Humphrey Bogart marathon on, and consequently, for a year, at age 13, I chose to dress in the styles of the 1940s, complete with gloves and occasionally, hats. This was followed, briefly, by a 50s Salinger-esque preppy period, which was in turn replaced by a bohemian, beat-style era, that finally fell into sync with the rest of the world, when at 15, I got into the grungy hippie looks that were happening then. Looking at my pictures from those years, it's as though I travelled trough three decades in as many years.

All my childhood, it seemed that the present was never quite, well, present. This, by-and-large, has not changed much. As I prepare to pack my prairie dresses and move to a small Island to grow vegetables and make my own fun by sewing, reading out loud and running in the woods, I can't help wondering what time might I be living out exactly? The back-to-the-land 70s? The Pioneering 1870s? The wholesome 50s? Time will tell, I suppose.

Listening to: The Acorn
(Re)reading: Gilead

Ps. Thank goodness for the wonderful ladies of Wardrobe Remix, who make my time in the slightly wrong time, a lot less lonely. See what I mean here, here and here.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Bear Thoughts

I've been a little pre-occupied with bear thoughts and white nights.

image from here