Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Now the leaves are gone, and even the lawns are turning brown and withered. Everything is dark and gray and soggy. This time of year leaves me with a yearning for the color green, its luscious tones, and soothing coolness.

With November dredging on, and the spring nowhere in sight, what could sate this longing?

Maybe green waters, or trees, or frocks...

Hoh River Rain Forest, Olympic National Park by Vicki & Chuck Rogers.

North Cascades NP (8) by bookworm1225.

Deep in the forest green, Mt. Rainer NP by moonjazz.

Fall Emerald Dress & Vintage Photo Albums by anja louise verdugo.
Retro Dolly by thenewclotheshorse.

For right now, I'll have to settle for green tea...
Thank goodness for flickr though.

Listening to: Timber Timbre


  1. Hi!
    I really like your blog. I find it so inspiring and you have so many interesting ideas to share! I added you to my blogroll, I hope it's okay. Also, I hope you don't mind if I drop by from time to time and comment. :)
    Have a wonderful day!

    P.S. You are more than welcome, but not obligated, to visit my blog too!

    P.P.S Green is my favorite color. Thank you for the lovely photos. I wish I had a green dress to wear on dreary days...

  2. Wow Milla, these are some truly gorgeous greens! At least you'll soon be heading where one is never left in want of green ;)

    P.S. Totally enjoyed the Kurt Cobain movie. It was really well done. Thanks again for recommending it!

  3. This is a stunning post. Thanks so much for including me!

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  5. I loooove green! I hope I get a chance when it stops raining to go for a hike in the mountains here. There's nothing like being surrounded by big trees and moss and ferns to make me feel awesome. :)

  6. my very favorite color of all!! love the fashion dresses. gah. gimme.

  7. Green... Hmmmm... the best color out there.. Yeah the leaves are gone and I miss them soooo.. Cant wait for summer... Its in my dreams daily.. but hey ur blog is wonderful.. I wrote something on my love for the trees u should go check it out cuz I would love to hear what u think of it... thanks alot

  8. oohh mann.
    your blog is so very very lovely.

    I have been craving green more and more with each dreary late fall day.

  9. If you may notice I am catching up your blog. :-) I've been thinking alot about this green today actually, I need to wear it more.

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