Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Moths

originally uploaded by button face.

There’s a kind of white moth, I don’t know
what kind, that glimmers
by mid-May
in the forest, just
as the pink mocassin flowers
are rising.

If you notice anything,
it leads you to notice
and more.

And anyway
I was so full of energy.
I was always running around, looking
at this and that.

If I stopped
the pain
was unbearable.

If I stopped and thought, maybe
the world
can’t be saved,
the pain
was unbearable.

Finally, I noticed enough.
All around me in the forest
the white moths floated.

How long do they live, fluttering
in and out of the shadows?

You aren’t much, I said
one day to my reflection
in a green pond,
and grinned.

The wings of the moths catch the sunlight
and burn
so brightly.

At night, sometimes,
they slip between the pink lobes
of the moccasin flowers and lie there until dawn,
in those dark halls of honey.

(I know, I know, I post way too many Mary Oliver poems. But I care not.)

Listening to: Lewis & Clark


  1. Milla, you are the dreamiest! I love this so much! It makes me want to go frolicking through the forest :D

    Also, I love buttonface's photos and this one is just perfect for the poem. Lots of hugs!

  2. You can't post too many of these poems for me. That was lovely.

  3. this is a beautiful post, with a beautiful photo. thank you.

  4. OH this poem just but me into a state of contemplation... I am just daydreaming about living in the forest... how lovely. And oh I can't believe you mentioned me on Hel Looks!! Your headband turned out beautiful, and wow! You look SOOO cute, that outfit was just darling.
    Hope all is well with you dear <3
    Ciao ciao,

  5. What a simply beautiful poem, so thank you :)
    Your blog is quite lovely, would you like to exchange links with me? x

  6. no such thing as too much mary oliver.

  7. LINKED!!

    Its as if ur posts get better and better...