Thursday, October 16, 2008

I was already having a bad day...

...and now this.

I'm going to go listen to these guys now. And mope. So there.


  1. Sorry you had a bad day. At least you look cute. :D

  2. Oh, hope you feel better - eat some chocolate, it always makes me feel better!

  3. I know how much you loved her blog too :( Hope the moping has subsided and you are having a better day :)

    Isn't that photo gorgeous? I'm sure you look just as pretty when you mope ;)

    P.S. When I first read those articles I sent you on the San Juans, they totally reminded me of life in Bodega. But I still want to come see for myself! Bigs hugs to you Millakins!

  4. Bloggers are dropping like flies. Flies that can no longer fly.

  5. hey milla, I keep trying to add your blog to my googlereader list but never have any success. I don't know why but your blog wont generate a rss feed.

    Any ideas why?

    I would love to have lots of little milla shaped treats in my blog reader each week :o)

  6. oh gosh i hope you feel better soon :(

  7. Mope. I do that a write something soon miss Milla. Your writing is my go-to whenever I feel mopey :)

  8. A big hug from the distance... I hope things improved.