Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Handle With Care

I have mentioned the amazing Missa of thriftcandy in this blog before. She is a sender-of -packages, my long-lost-style-twin, and just all-around adorable and inspirational. So imagine the giddy heights of delight I floated to, when a rain-sodden mailman rang my doorbell this morning, carrying this beautiful package all the way from sunny Californ-i-a:

Covered in pretty postcards and pictures, all of which I am sure to carefully cut out and place on my inspiration board, the package contained great many treasures, including (but NOT limited to) the dress I am wearing above.

I love this. So true.
And you do know how I feel about tea-ware.
This reminds me of the Ted Hughes poem "Epiphany". Only not so dark.
Oh the beauty. Only what was inside could rival the wonderfulness of the box.
This little medicine pouch is so reminiscent of this recent Missa-outfit, which I loved.
Unfortunately you can't really make it out in all it's glory, but THIS my friends is a genuine Alaska-charm-bracelet, complete with seals, igloos, inuits, totem poles, salmon and bears. It is divine and Missa bought it the day before my post on Alaska. Co-incidence? I think not.
An old song-book with bee song. Next to Alaska, bees are pretty much my greatest obsession.
This is us, obviously.

A bookmark and the box that contained the Alaska-bracelet.

Some kind of wonderful, don't you think? Regardless of the information age, there is still such pleasure to sending and receiving mail. It requires effort, though, it isn't done quite so casually, as an email, or a wall-post on friend's facebook profile. Don't get me wrong. It's only thanks to the wonders of the internets, that I even know Missa, and many other wonderful girls and ladies around the world, but still, I love a good old-fashioned postcard every once in a while.

So in the spirit of anachronistic communication I hereby declare that any of you who'd like a mail communique from your truly, post their address to either the comment box, of this post, or my email, princessmilla2shoes@gmail.com. Go ahead, indulge me.

And Missa, thank you so much for being my wonderful long-distant friend. You don't feel all that distant.


  1. What a wonderful package! I especially love the book with bee songs! Seems to me like the sweetest thing ever:)
    And about letter writing: A little something's already flying your way and will hopefully find you soon. But I do think it would be lovely to make writing one another a bit more of a regular thing, because I too love getting messages the old fashioned way:)

  2. aww, long-distance friends are wonderful!! what a lovely package.

  3. I had lots of fun putting this package together Milla. In fact, it practically put itself together and it's so fun to now see you with everything, yay! :D

    Especially the dress, as I was a little worried it wouldn't fit, but of course it's perfect, I should have known, right!? Then again maybe I did ;)

    P.S. All the pics were printed straight from my flickr faves including the one of "us", isn't that the cutest?!

  4. What a delightful package of joy! Soon you will be shipping yourself away too, no?

  5. Missa is a thrift goddess, there is no doubt of that - I got one of her magical parcels today!

    I love all the wonderful little things she found for you, especially that crazy bracelet!

  6. sounds like fun! it's like a more interesting version of pen-pal

  7. Ooh, i love getting parcels and that one just looks amazing!!

  8. this made me think of you:


    i love reading your blog!