Sunday, July 13, 2008

Taxidermied Love

I've been thinking of buying my friend Simoney a jackalope for her birthday. On ebay. Ebay really does have everything, even mythical animals. I have a long-standing obsession with taxidermied creations like these, and she and I used to talk about shopping for Jackalopes, so it might just be the perfect gift.

Last summer, I got to see Jake The Alligator Man at Marsh's Free Museum in Long Beach,
which rekindled this crazy affair with man-made fairy-tale creatures. I just love how obviously fake they look, yet have enticed generations of people to believe in their "what if"-ness. There is something heart-warming about our willingness to believe in the unbelievable, magical, and even the down-right counterfeited.

This is the Feejee mermaid, who features heavily in a story I'm working on.

I think this obsession may originate from this image in a Patrick Woodroffe book I had as a kid. My mom let me read weird things. It's all her fault, apparently.

Listening To: R.B Reed's Taxidermied Love


  1. Yay taxidermy!

    My dad has all sorts of taxidermies things. We have a crow named Poe who sits in our library and sometimes comes out to the porch for Halloween. He is my favorite! Apparently dad saw him get hit by a car, so he took him home and taxidermied him.

    We also have this great story about how dad hit a sawhet owl when he was chasing poachers and took it home and scared the crap out of my mom when he put it in a ziploc bag in the freezer.

    I've never seen these though! The mermaid ones are so strange and creepy, and I definitely think I want a jackalope!

  2. Oh my god, that Ebay description is hilarious! Sounds like one PRIME jackalope though. Did they really use that their jackalopes have appeared in Pizza Hut comercials as a selling point?

    My friend Jeff has a dead owl in his freezer that he found like a year ago. He says he's going to get it taxidermied but as far as I know it only comes out of the freezer to show people at parties.

    That little fish lady is so cool!

  3. Oooh, I love these. But I'm also fascinated by how the myths originated. Like how real narwhals were used to make "unicorn" horns. Narwhals still seem rather unreal to me, I desperately want to see a live on one day...
    This is a fantastic post though. I adore jackalopes. My family had a singing one for awhile...

  4. hahaha what the eff???? crazy mermaid and alligator man? had never heard of those. FASCINATING, thank you for sharing, and also i really seriously want to read that story of yours that has the mermaid thing figuring into it.

  5. I have taxidermied an award, wrapped it in paper, and given it to you as a present full of love <3

  6. thanks guys!
    kater: your dad sounds like the most awesomest guy like ever; Gary Snyder, taxidermy, watch collection...
    and thank you so much for the award!

    Missa: I hope I get to meet this Jeff WHEN I come to visit you one day. Also I wonder if Pizza Hut has a jackalope-themed item on the menu...

    theclotheshorse I know how you feel about narwhals they really don't seem like actual animals

    thetiniestspark: one day maybe, one day...