Friday, July 18, 2008

Life at camp is lots of fun

It is, if you have friends like Missa, who send you loverly packages filled with vintage handicrafts magazines, girl scout postcards, beautiful ribbons, bows and charms!

If you just happened to get over a nasty cold and score vintage dresses for a dime and a song. 
If you're married to a wonderful man, no matter how far away he is.
If the bees are kind enough not to sting you.
If there's carrot soup on the stove.
If the full moon is up and there's nary a werewolf in sight.

Not to mention that Lauren Groff's new short story collection is mere seven months away!

They're lovely aren't they, those rare times when life seems both easy and beautiful, and lighter than air too...

Listening to: Patrick Wolf (of course)


  1. Yay! I'm so glad you loved it! I had a blast putting it all together and the fact that you have so many wonderful quirky interests combined with our similar tastes made you incredibly easy and fun to shop for.

    Aren't those girl scout postcards the cutest? This was one of my favorite pages in the magazine too and SO your colors!

    Also, in answer to you question, I knew about the seashells from your blog but the wolves were a lucky guess ;)

  2. What a fantastic little care package! So creative and it really seems perfect for you.
    I told my friends about the phrase and they replied, "you're going to talk crazy like that when you're old, aren't you?" I replied, "If by old you mean tomorrow or the first opportunity...yes."
    Away faster than a herd of turtles!

  3. You probably already know this song but your blog header and name instantly made me think of Joanna Newsom's Monkey and Bear. It is a most beautiful song, should try to hear it if you haven't.

  4. Hi. New to your blog and I just wanted to tell you that this was a lovely post. I LOVED Lauren Groff's frist book and had no idea she was coming out with another one. A short story collection too! I love the short story genre. The cover of this book is as beautiful as the first one. Lovely indeed.

    P.S. Wonderful care package from your friend Nissa

  5. i am so so so excited for that book!