Thursday, July 10, 2008

Moccasin Flowers

Gloria, originally uploaded by Elif Sanem Karakoc.

All my life,
so far,
I have loved
more than one thing,

including the mossy hooves
of dreams, including'
the spongy litter
under the tall trees

In spring
the moccasin flowers
reack for the crackling
lick of the sun

and burn down. Sometimes,
in the shadows
I see the hazy eyes,
the lamb lips

of oblivion
its deep drowse
and I can imagine a new nothing
in the universe

the matted leaves splitting
open, revealing
the black planks
of the stairs.

But all my life-sofar-
I have loved best
how the flowers rise
and open, how

the pink lungs of their bodies
enter the fore of the world
and stand there shining
and willing- the one

thing they can do before
they shuffle forward
into the floor of darkness, they
become the trees.

-Mary Oliver-
If'I'm posting only pictures and videos and other people's words these days, it's because I've all but used up my own. Writing's hard and breaks your heart.


  1. Be You. Tea Full...

    the image, the poem

    your sentiment... all.

  2. i totally agree.
    it is hard.
    but i love what you share, really inspiring.

  3. It is hard, but you should acknowledge that you are able to see beauty in other's words and pictures. It's comforting that beauty exists, that means you still have a chance to write about it.

    I do quite enjoy your blog, have linked you.

  4. Ah, that is a beautiful image and poem. When you share your inspirations with us you share yourself!

  5. this is one of my favorite poems! beautiful post.

  6. Your annual budget is amazing! So impressive and really, so true. I definitely appreciate certain pieces because of their quality and creativity, price doesn't affect the appeal for me.

  7. thank you everyone, you're too kind!