Thursday, July 31, 2008

Are We Going To Prom Or To Hell?

Never was a more valid question posed, by a film-character in the history of Western Cinema.
I'm hoping to play croquet this weekend and so, style inspiration is needed. Now, one could always go all Alice In Wonderland, but because of my irrational love of hedgehogs, I think I'll opt for something a little more
"Heathers" (also, bizarrely known as Lethal Attraction).

It is truly fascinating that, not too long ago (honestly kids 20 years ain't nothin'), there was a time in America, when a teen movie like this could be made. Murder, mayhem, blowing up stuff, and it's a comedy. I mean, Elephant and Juno, are all fine and good, but honest to blog, this movie has it all. Including some of the most awesome and/or awful late 80s fashion. Shoulder-pads: God bless us, everyone.

I think this movie may have been where my irrational obsession with murderous psychopaths begun. Unfortunately, they don't appear to have much in common with Christian Slater in real life. Darn you Hollywood.

Ps. Remember when Winona Ryder was the coolest person alive? What happened Winona, where did it all go so wrong?!!!!? (I mean I know WHAT happened, but still.)
Also: were movie trailers, as well as our attention spans, longer in the days of yore?


  1. It started in the 80's with model/actress taking the roles that used to be occupied by real actors. Scripts had to get dummer because the talent had the depth of teaspoons and scenes got shorter because a lot of the time all they could do was look good. Yes. Movies used to be MUCH better; but go back another decade for really even better movies.

  2. I would love to see you all Heathered out. I think that's a good call, take pics!

    I just saw a post on seekingdeersign's blog about how the style on Gossip Girls (which for the record neither she nor I have actually watched) is strongly reminiscent of Heathers. I think she's on to something. From what I have seen of Gossip Girl on blogs and stuff, loose a few shoulder pads and you've basically got Heathers!

    Seriously, what happened Winona?! You were dating Jonny Depp back when I wanted to be dating Jonny Depp! And that Christian Slater... remember Pump Up the Volume, LOVED that movie and it had one of the best soundtracks of all time.

    P.S. I checked out The Monsters of Templeton at the library today. Hugs :)

  3. I haven't seen this but it is so iconic. The teen films today are so...dumb. Slapstick comedy and dirty jokes do not humor me at all. My mother says I have "gallow's humor" so this film might be perfect for me. ^_-

  4. There was a time when Winona Ryder could do no wrong. I watched Reality Bites on countless afternoons, wishing I could look as cool unshowered, wearing Doc Martens and some boy's shirt...

    I feel that shoulder pads should come up on a Google search of "women empowerment". Also, (the much used and tattered) "fierce".

  5. Hey milla!
    Im still here. I just wrote a new post after reading your comment. I've been keeping up with your blog though, and recently checked out some of the books you recommended. To the Lighthouse and the Shipping Yard. Let's be friends again.
    Virginia Blue

  6. Oh, Heathers... I love the film.
    Btw, I have something for you in my blog...

  7. i loove winona! she was def part of my haircut inspiration!

  8. oh, man, i was just watching reality bites the other day and asking myself the same question about winona ryder.

  9. I just did a post on Heather's inspired fashion! I love love late 80's/ early 90's Winona. She's my current #1 inspiration. Reality Bites.. Heathers.. all of it. And I really adore your blog, just added it to my roll. ^^

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