Wednesday, June 18, 2008

You're it!

A while back, I was tagged by the lovely Thriftcandy to play "the 5 things game". I've been busy and kind of forgot about it, but to make up for that I came up with a fun way of doing it. Here goes:
5 Things found in my purse and 5 Things found in my bag combined:

More than one book, always! A mug, snacks, rosebud lip balm. A ribbon for hair-emergences. Passport in a
Simbiosis-cover. My favorite pin. It says "Be Nice To A Tree Today", but it was issued by Weyerhauser, only the biggest logging company in the Pacific Northwest. The irony.

5 Favorite things in my room:

My desk, inspiration board, plantskies, this 'ole computah.

A close-up of my paper trains, dinosaur, seashells.

My North wall. Featuring my typewriter, grandmama's tea cups, a Black Apple-print and assorted knick-knacks...

Mah behd. Another Black Apple Print, a gig poster from Portland (It was apparently a benefit show for Eric of The Lashes...), A map of the North Central Cascades, and yes, a Bonnie Prince Billy-pin-up poster.

My 1920s singer sewing machine, the inside is ancient Egypt-themed. My Grandmama's sewing box and other assorted boxes on top. Oh and a print that I got from my mom, that says "An artist isn't just supposed to state, that which others can't, but also that which they dare not."

5 Things I'm currently into:

Siri Hustvedt

Fakers, phonies, and outright con-artists.

The Bowerbirds

The Olympic Peninsula

Laura Ingalls Wilder

5 Things I always wanted to do:
Write a book. One I thought was good enough.
Have some babies.
Make my own clothes.
Live off the land.
Learn to surf.

5 Impressions of the person who tagged me:
Missa is, in my humble opinion: darling, funny, clever, a gifted thrifter and an awesome dresser!

I was also tagged by A Cat Of Impossible Color to come up with a title for my autobiography about my life up until now. How About:

More Amazed Than Anything

It's a quote. You probably knew that.

If they feel like it, I'm tagging Kater, Kennedy, TheClothesHorse, TheTiniestSpark and Vappu.


  1. Awww Milla. Thanks so much for your humble opinions of me. It was so much fun to see pics of your room, which is absolutely dreamy by the way! Come visit me one day and I promise to take you out and teach you to surf!

  2. I love your roooom and all your stuff! The typewriter and everything is so so perfect! I love the picture of you on the bed, so perfect!

    (I will certainly accept the tag! It will have to wait tomorrow, when I have light, woe!)


  3. Also! I want to steal away the pear from your bag and eat it in the sun!

  4. I love your cute blue typewriter! Do you still dance ballet?

  5. your room looks so very lovely! oh and I'm also currently reading Siri Huvstvedt (it's always so hard to spell that), any recommendations on her books?

    nice blog, by the way :D

  6. Your room is so interesting, alot of fun stuff.

  7. I love your room and all your prints, posters, the map especially. My mother has that same singer sewing machine (or at least it looks very much the same).

  8. excellent post! isn't it funny, not having any "real" contact with a person on a blog...and then feeling so happy you got to know more about them. feeling like you can say, now i know them.