Sunday, June 29, 2008

To live...

...somewhere other than the city, would be very wonderful.

"We live with the cockroach
And we split our cords of oak
And keep this wood stove burning
While the bitter winds are blowing
We stow our words in the cellar
So we never lose hope"

Cedar Creek Tree House

tipi site, originally uploaded by tipi dweller.

Lyrics above and listening to: The Bowerbirds "Dark Horse"
(I'd like to add that I'm more than a little homesick for the little house on a beach that my husband currently lives in, all on his own, because the U.S immigration is taking very long with our application to be reunited...)


  1. I've wanted to live in a tipi since I was little, but short of staying in one for a couple of nights in a row, it hasn't quite worked out yet.

    I also really, really want to build a yurt. Your post has made me a bit more reobsessed with said dreams! xx

  2. Ohhh, the tree house! Lucas and I, years ago, lived in a wee hippie cabin on a hill out in the redwoods of Occidental.

    The cabin was built around an old burned out redwood trunk and had spiral stairs winding up to the loft just big enough for our bed and a window looking out into the trees. It was like sleeping in a tree house.

    There was a little wood stove for heat and a tiny deck with a hammock. On warm nights in the summertime I would curl up in the hammock under the trees and stars. We were just close enough to the ocean to hear the fog horn off in the distance. I miss those days...

    Hope our silly government gets it together so you and your Prince, Charles can get on with your business of living happily ever after in your cabin by the sea :)

  3. Aw, I like the countryside in this season. But I think I'm much more of a city girl at heart. I hope you get reunited with your hubby soon, a house on the beach sounds divine.