Monday, June 30, 2008

Summer Love

I don't know about you, but I get stuck in my internets ways a lot, browsing the same old sites and same old blogs, day-in and day-out. Not that they're not wonderful, or anything, but one does like to visit the proverbial "Zoo of the New" every so often. Here's some new wonders that I'd like to say I found, but mostly they found me:

These beautiful pics are by the amazing Hatnim Lee, were discovered in this lovely little blog.

Katrina, the curator of Small Souvenirs, seems like the kind of girl who gets a lot of birthday and tea-party invites. I'd certainly invite her to mine.

I'd hope that Marcine, the all-ukulele-playing, 50s-skirt-wearing, cute-as-button-platitude-inducing extravaganza of a girl, could join us too.

She's a fellow wardrobe remixer and has a blog who's adorability rivals her own.

And since we're vaguely on the subject of music:

This awesome blog not only has the greatest insight into the weirdest new musics, but also offers mp3s to listen to. Sweet.

Now let's all get up, back away from the computah, get out into the sun and the breeze and have ourselves some of these:


  1. Oh Milla, how the heck am I supposed to get away from the internet when you're dangling such loveliness to suck me in!... strawberries, right... on it!

  2. thank you so much for the lovely blog mention. i really love your blog as well! i'm glad i found it.
    we should have a tea party with marcine! if only!

  3. Yay! Great blogs! And I love the strawberries, I want some so badly now, I feel I need to fill my cheeks and hands with them in the sun <3

  4. Fantastic little post. The first set of pictures is very editorial like and yet more real and fun than any staged editorial I've ever seen. I kinda believe these people do frolic in the fields together.
    And Marcine is rapidly becoming a favorite W_Remixer of mine--the girl is such a doll! And I like the little anecdotes she writes as well, I could just hear the plaintive cry of "I just wanted to play my ukele and eat berries..."

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